Monday, March 10, 2008

WHAT A Weekend!

The dwellers of the Castello were quite busy this weekend. If you want to see what we were up to, feel free to continue reading. Be for-warned... you're bound to smile, laugh and possibly shed a tear.

Late Thursday night, March 6th, Soaring Amongst The Clouds and I headed out to the airport. Airman G came to participate in one of his best friend's wedding. He was due to arrive at 11:56p. He didn't arrive until 12:35am. He wasn't expecting Soaring Amongst The Clouds to be there. His grandparents always pick him up. It's tradition for him to spend the night at their home. The following day, they lend him their truck so he can use it while he's visiting. It's a great tradition. He spends some quality time with his grandparents and he has a vehicle for his visit. Well, Soaring Amongst The Clouds did't want to wait until Friday to see him, but she didn't want to intrude in their quality time. She found out that they usually drive around until he gets out, then they pick him up. So, she wanted to greet him at the gate. We parked our car and we "people watched" for a while. I should mention that we were waiting at the airport for about 2 hours. She wanted to make sure we arrived on time. We drove through nasty weather to get there too, but it was worth it to see their smiles.

While we were waiting, she was texting her sister, Still Waters. She was telling her that there was a man standing watching the "tv" that announced all the arrivals. He had his hand inside the back of his pants and he was scratching his "ars". Yep that's what she told Still Waters. Of course Still Waters was grossed out, like her mama, she's a visual person. LOL! Her response was, "Such fowl language! How gross of that man to do such a thing!" Soaring Amongst The Clouds then told me where she had heard it. One of her professors is Canadian, she had said that word in class once. She had never heard it and thought it was funny. To tell you the truth, I like it much better than the word, but-. I think it sounds a little more... ah... refined. LOL! Needless to say, I've secretly said it a couple of times. But my Squires haven't heard me. I'll have to stop that before it becomes a habit. But is sure sounds funny.

He arrived while I was in the restroom, so I was not present when they first saw each other. Which means I wasn't able to take pictures. Oh, I forgot... right after I took the above picture, it said, "recharge battery". URGH!!! I can't believe I didn't charge it earlier. Anyway, I'm sure it was a happy reunion. They talked as we headed out to see his grandparents. They were waiting for him, but we didn't see them. Once we did, we greeted each other and talked for a bit. They are truly awesome. I really like them. Everyone said their goodbyes and we all went on our way. We didn't get home until 2:30a. We do not live close to the airport. But it was a great ride home. One could say that Soaring Amongst The Clouds was really Soaring Amongst The Clouds. :o) She was one happy young lady.

Friday morning Airman G came to pick up Soaring Amongst The Clouds. He had some errands to run before the wedding rehearsal and dinner. He wanted to spend as much time as he could with Soaring Amongst The Clouds (and she with him, I might add), so they spent most of the day together. They were also going to have lunch with The Scrapper and KT. Soaring Amongst The Clouds was a little nervous cause she has a little hard time understanding The Scrapper's sense of humor. She says she never knows if she's kidding or not. LOL! I know it's comforting to her to have Airman G with her. I snapped this picture before they left our Castello. Right before they left, I asked him to look after her and take good care of her. He said he would. I wonder if he knows and understands just how precious she is to us. Does he know she's worth far above rubies?

The Scrapper took this picture. There is a story about this tree. This tree was a sapling when the Scrapper and her family moved into their home. Airman G and KT have had their pictures taken in front of the tree since they were wee ones. Pictures of their first day of school, school spirit week, homecoming and any other special occasion.

I took this once they got home from the rehearsal dinner. They had a good time. All the guys were got together at the groom to be's home and hung out for a while. All the groom's men spent the night. I still don't think they had as much fun as we did at the "candle" party.

Saturday morning, everyone was up by 6a. It was baseball picture day for The Warrior, he had to be there at 7:30a. He also had a game at 9a. Which meant he had to be at the fields at 8a. So, my Knight and The Warrior were at the fields by 7:15a. As The Seamstress and I were heading out to the game, I got a call from my Knight. His car broke down right where they were having their pictures taken. So we had his car towed to get it fixed. It was freezing at the fields. The wind made it colder. The Fair Maidens and G.I Joe arrived right before the game started. The Warrior is on the Dodgers and they won 19-1. They stopped the game in the fourth inning. The Warrior had a great game. He is one great little player.

After the game, we all rushed home to eat lunch, take showers and get ready for the wedding. Well, I should say that The Fair Maidens and The Seamstress left a little earlier. Even though we have 4 showers in our home. The Fair Maidens only like to use "their" shower. The Squires use theirs. The Seamstress uses the guest bathroom and my Knight and I use ours. So the girls bathroom was going to be the busiest. I was please when we got home, they were all almost ready. Good thing too! They got a last minute call from the Congresswoman. She needed a ride to the wedding.

J & A's wedding was absolutely beautiful! They did something I had never seen before at a wedding. They did not light the candle like I've seen in all the weddings. Each set of parent walked down the isle with a glass, tube like vase, filled with colored sand. They laid it on the alter where the candles were. Then J & A took the vase their parents had brought and filled the longer glass tube like vase. During this time the minister was talking about, how God should be the foundation of a marriage. How the two become one. Since the sand has been mixed, it would be impossible to put the exact sand back in the vase it came from. Needless to say, I shed some tears. It was a beautiful ceremony. They both looked so very happy.

The wedding party. J's sister is the one standing next to Airman G. T is a very sweet young, funny lady. Sunday School is always fun when she's around.

The Scrapper and her beloved son, Airman G. He looked mighty handsome. His mama was very proud of him. She was beaming from ear to ear. :o)

KT, Congresswoman and Daughter of the King. These girls go against the flow. They are definitely God's Girls.

Congresswoman, KT , Daughter of the King and Steps. Good friends celebrating!

G.I Joe is wearing the pink shirt with the blue tie. One With Nature (Step's youngest brother) is wear the dark shirt shirt and his arm is draped over The Warrior's shoulder. Treasure is standing in the back. He came by this name because when The Warrior was younger he couldn't say his friend's name. He'd say treasure, so hence his name now. :o)

Daughter of the King and Steps. The Scrapper took this picture. She enjoys taking pictures. I'm glad, cause I benefit from them too. ;o)

Jewels and her hubby, The Mechanic. They are blessed with five young men. Poor Jewels, she's the only lady of the house. Wait a minute, that might not be such a bad thing. They all really do look after her.

Airman G and his grandfather. He is the apple of his grandparent's eyes. He has really grown into a wonderful young man. May God continue to bless him.

I think this is one of my favorite pictures. It reminds me of other pictures I have of the two of them. It amazes me how much they have both grown and matured. Be still my heart...

J & A were asked to play a game. This was a lot of fun. They each had to take one shoe off and give it to their spouse. The wife of the minister who married them was asked them some questions. The had to raise the hand that held the shoe of the person who was going to do what she was asking. Example: Who was going to be doing most of the cooking? They both raised J's shoe. You see, he's a chef! LOL! Who was going to be cleaning the commode? They both raised A's shoe. Who was going to be doing the groceries? They both raised both shoes. When something in the house gets broken, who was going to fix it? At the exact time, J told the best man to take off his shoe and give it to him and A pointed at the best man. You see, the best man is a young man of many talents. He's a fire fighter/paramedic, but he use to be our church's handy man. If I remember correctly, they didn't even get one answer wrong!

Still Waters, waiting to blow bubbles at the bride and groom. I love this girl. She's got a serene look about her. Makes me wonder what she's REALLY thinking.

Did I mention that is was a very cold and windy day? Well it was. I can't believe all these young ladies wore sandals!

Having fun with the bubbles. Hey Daughter of the King, you look like Mary on, So You Think You Can Dance. Can you say, HOT TAMALE TRAIN?! LOL!

I just love this picture. I love the way he's looking at her. This is the Soaring Amongst The Clouds we get to see every day. She is too much.

J and A heading out. They make such a beautiful couple. May God richly bless them.

After the wedding, Airman G's family were getting together at The Craftman's (his dad's) home for dinner. Airman G asked Soaring Amongst The Clouds to go with him. She was more than happy to. They had a great dinner and she got to spend some time with his family. We have met The Craftman many time before. He's quiet and very nice. I picked that name because his hobby is making things out of wood. He is very talented. A couple of years ago he made a little trinket box for KT. I couldn't believe how beautifully crafted it was. A couple of months later, he gave me a similar box. I keep my brother's stop watch in it. A treasure for my treasure box.

Airman G came by to pick up Soaring Amongst The Clouds around 4am. His plane was leaving early morning.

I'm not sure why an Air Force cadet is wearing a Harvard t-shirt. I wonder if he'd wear a Notre Dame t-shirt? You see, Soaring Amongst The Clouds is fascinated with Ireland. She hopes to one day travel there.

Sunday morning when I stepped out of my closet, this is how I found Soaring Amongst The Clouds. She had just gotten back from the airport. She was laying on my bed. My heart went out to her. I know exactly how she felt. I have been there too, many years ago. I have shed many tears for my Knight. Baby Girl, it won't be like this forever.

After we all got home from church, we had G.I. Joe open his present. Still Waters is doing the "Japanese" pose. Akiko is a Japanese student that stayed with us a couple of years ago. She told us and showed us how the Japanese pose with the peace sign. Except they use both hands. So we call it the "22" pose. I like the "22" pose. :o)

Here is Soaring Amongst The Clouds doing the "22". She had just woken up from a nap. She had an action packed weekend. Not just physically, but emotionally too.

I had no clue what her facial expression was, until I saw my Knight's face. She did it on purpose! He took the picture and started laughing. Needless to say, that because of it we had to....

Take another one.... :o) I keep telling them, don't fight the feeling, just go with it.

Daughter of the King and I had to do a retake too. These Fair Maidens, when will they learn. There is no running away from the mamarazzi. ;o)

The Warrior is the one that's following his sister's steps regarding picture taking. URGH!!! We had to redo this shot 5 times! He kept slipping away, ducking and sliding.

Ok darlin', you asked for it. :o) You pose it, you run the risk of having it posted. Too Funny!

A side of Soaring Amongst The Clouds most don't get to see. Actually, since Steps has been courting Daughter of the King, he's the only one that's gotten to see it. Well, he's seen a side of ALL our children that most have never seen. From the look on his face and his laughter, I think he gets a kick out of it.

Still Waters was on Spring Break last week, which meant we got to see her all day. YEAH!!! But her professors were meanies... they sent tons of homework. Since she is diligent, she got it done quick. YOU GO GIRL! So we got to spend lots of time with her. I LOVE that girl!

I don't usually wear dresses. I like to wear them because I feel so feminine in them. The problem is, I don't usually shop for me. The dresses I have in my closet don't fit any more (I've lost some weight... YEAH!!!). The ones that do fit are summer dresses. I had been looking for over 2 weeks for something to wear to the wedding. Everything out there is, dare I say... wantonly. Took me FOREVER but, on one day, I found 5 dresses! I was very excited! I even found brown shoes to match. :o)

Ooops, I forgot to mention that my poor Knight only got to see the ceremony. Someone else was going to ump the game he was scheduled to ump. But that ump had a family emergency and my Knight left just as the reception was starting. He's so compassionate. He felt bad for the head ump. He'd been there since 9am. I married such a good guy. I'm so blessed.

All in all we had a great weekend. Lots of fun, laughter, tears of joy and tears of sadness. We ran the gamut on emotions. My cup runneth over...


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