Friday, March 07, 2008

My Rabbit Chasing Thoughts

My Knight and I have raised (are raising) our children as we feel lead by God to raise them. As parents we want the ultimate best for our children. We don't want them to have any heartaches. We don't want them to suffer. But we also know that we grow stronger, when we go through trials and tribulations. God is with us every step of the way... that's IF we've given our lives to Him.

The other day Daughter of the King, got invited to have dinner at Steps home. She was picked up at 4p. The Warrior was horrified when he saw that Steps was the only one in the car. I was not home at the time, but I knew he was picking her up. The following is a peek of what transpired between Still Waters and The Warrior.

The Warrior: I can't believe this is happening!

Still Waters: What?

The Warrior: Steps is driving. He's alone.

Still Waters: They don't live too far away. It will be fine. Airman G has come to pick up Soaring Amongst The Clouds before.

The Warrior: Yes, but she can take care of herself.

The last comment made all of the Ladies of the Castello really think about it. You see, Daughter of the King is spunkier, a little more tougher than her eldest sister, Soaring Amongst The Clouds. But in his eyes, Soaring Amongst The Clouds is the oldest sister. To him, Daughter of the King is the youngest and still needs protection. He is only 11 years old. He loves his sisters so much. He sees it as duty to watch over them, even though they are 20, 19 and 18. I love that about him. Which leads me to my next thought...

When The Warrior was younger, he grew very close to his choir and Sunday School teacher, The Scrapper. Airman G (her son) was always nice to both of our Squires. But he was particularly close to The Warrior. I think that The Warrior kind of looked up to him. Airman G always took the time to talk to him showed interest in whatever The Warrior was doing. He was also into football and baseball. The two sports The Warrior loves. So, they bonded. But now that he's a little older, he's not too sure he likes the idea of someone else showing interest in "his" Fair Maiden. He has done this with the young men who've shown interest in his sisters. He's not rude, but you can see it in his eyes. We have had many talks with him. He's response is,"I don't want her heart to break. I don't want him to make her cry." Be still my heart...

Lately, I've been thinking about and praying a lot for Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Airman G's relationship. I know it can't possibly be easy for The Scrapper to see her son have feelings for someone else. She and his sister have been the ladies in his life. Well, I'm sure he's had girl friends, when he was younger. But I don't believe he was as serious then, as he seems to be now. I keep trying to put myself in her shoes. I mean, my children are my world to me, but I also have my Knight. We've raised our children together. Which makes it different. As a mom, I've dreamed of the day my children will marry and have what my Knight and I have been blessed to have. We have worked hard... we had the same goal. Even thought we didn't start our journey with Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, He called us to be His later on. I have prayed for my children and their future spouse since I got saved in 1991. I have prayed for their salvation, future, marriage, their children and generations after them. My Knight and I have had a great life, not easy, but still great. God has helped us overcome many obstacles and tragedies. But it's all made us stronger and has drawn us closer. I want that for my children. Not the obstacles or tragedies, I pray the Lord shower them with mercy and grace. But I want them to be strong for one another and be as one. Just as the Lord intends a married couple to be. I want so much for them. I know that The Scrapper wants that for her children too, but it's got to be harder to let go when you are a single parent. It's got to be hard for Airman G to find a balance. To continue to grow in his relationship with Soaring Amongst The Clouds and at the same time be there for his mom. It can't be easy. I know that mothers and sons have a special bond. I've heard many comments about Ia young lady not being good enough for their sons? I wonder if I'll feel that way when my Squires time comes around? I would hope that we've raised them to be Godly young men who've been blessed with discernment and wisdom. I would hope that they would hear and obey God when it's time fore them to commit to a relationship. I wonder how I'll do? I hope I'm able to let go and let God "do his thing". But then again, this is all new to me. I mean I went through it with my Knight, but now I'm the parent. It's a whole new ball game...

Dads and Daughters have a special bond too. To think that dad's are a girls first love. That's just as important as a boys first love, his mom. I think about the relationship I had/have with my dad. We are very close. He's always been supportive and loving with me. I don't ever remember him being negative or abusive in any way. "No" was no and I accepted it. I respected my dad and I never wanted to disappoint him. I think that because of the way he was with me, it was easy for me to accept Jesus Christ as my Heavenly Father. I would imagine it would have to be hard to freely accept God's present if our earthly father didn't set a good example. I don't know, but I wonder about that.

Lately "weddings" have been in the air. Last month our youth pastors youngest daughter got married, they are in their "early" 20's. He has two. The oldest got married a couple of years ago. Tomorrow our music minister's son is getting married, they are 19. All the preparations, showers and "candle" party (more on this later) have made me think about me and my Knight. We were 19 when we got married. Well, I turned 19 a week after we got married. He had just turned 19. I know this is hard to believe, but my parents were extremely happy for me. They were very supportive. I mean, stop and think about this. How mature is 19 year old!? What did we "really" know? Let me make this clear... we got married because we wanted to, not because we "had" to. We had not been intimate with each other or with any one else. Back then people jumped into conclusions. :o( The reaction I got from my Knight's folks surprised me. I don't know why I thought they'd react just like my folks. My parents had gone to their house to talk about the wedding. At first then didn't even invite them to step inside their home. After a few what I imagine to be awkward moments, they allowed them in. They were quick to tell my parents that neither they nor their family would be attending our wedding. My parents nodded and accepted their answer and graciously left. My Knight never heard about this until recently. That's because his folks never told him and my mom only shared this with me recently, (much to my dad's dismay). But you see the reason she shared it was because she finds something funny. Here I am, the lady that she didn't want her son to marry, happens to be the one taking care of her. When her own daughter doesn't want her staying with her. God sure does have a funny sense of humor. The reason I share this is because I guess to some point I've lived in a sheltered world. I just didn't know things like this really happened. I mean I knew my mom also had it rough with her in laws. To a degree even worse than I did. Surely that's not the norm?! But I see that this happens all too often. I recently found out that another bride to be, got kicked out of her home by her parents. They figured since she's going to get married, she is no longer their responsibility but her future husband's responsibility. WHAT in the world is wrong with parents?!!! Why are they provoking their children? Do they not realize the turmoil they are causing in their children. Why do they play the guilt card? Don't they see that guilt is not of God but of satan? It's not like the one they are marrying is not suitable to be married to. If that were the case, then all you could do is pray and council. Nothing else can be done. Why cause a heart ache when you have selfish motives? Why give your children extra baggage to carry? It breaks my heart to hear and see what parents are doing to their children. What precedent are they setting? I hope and pray that the marriages to be are built on a strong foundation... Jesus Christ. With Him... ALL things are possible. I know... I've been blessed to be married to my Knight for 25 years.

The other night we were invited to a "candle" party. The title is deceiving. LOL! It really a lingerie party. It got coined a "candle" party a couple of years ago, when a young lady was embarrassed and didn't want anyone to know what it really was. I kind of like the sound of "candle" party better. It kind of helps create a little ambiance. Remember, I'm a visual person. ;o) Well, we all had a great time. The host had bought hanes cotton bikinis for the "bride to be". We were all given one bikini and a slew of permanent markers. Our job was to help decorate the bikini bottoms for her wedding night. LOL! Need I say more?! Yep, I need too... I had never heard of this. Boy was it fun! I have been to bridal showers before, but I wasn't sure what to expect. This was my first "Christian" bridal shower. You know how secular showers can get. LOL! Well these ladies stepped up to the line... reallllllly close to the line and it was done with great taste. On the backside of one, someone drew a "DO NOT ENTER" sign. How creative was that!!! Another one drew a "Proceed With Caution" on the front. LOL! I had just finished listening to a song I liked so, I wrote something from the song in the front of the bikini, "SUAVEMENTE". I should mention that no one was allowed to look at what the others were doing. As one got finished, they were put in a bag. Then the "bride to be" had to model them over her jeans. Good thing I still have good bladder control, cause they were mighty funny! The "bride to be" was a good sport and we took plenty of pictures. Still Waters was told she needed to start her own clothing line. She is quite artistic. Who says Christians can't and don't know how to have fun?! I wonder what the "groom to be" and his friends did? No way was it funner than what we did!

Our boys play baseball little league. Little league is run strictly by volunteers. No one gets paid, not the board members, coaches, umpires or concession stand workers. It's up to the volunteers to keep the fields and stands clean. Why do people complain about the coaches, umps, and when the concession stand lines are long. HELLO!!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... VOLUNTEER! My Knight has been a volunteer for the league for years now. Last year he was the president of the league. He stepped down this year because we are taking care of his mom. Ok, I'm not saying this because he's my Knight, this is the truth others have said it, He was an AWESOME president. I kept hearing, "He's doing a phenomenal job." Then again, I wouldn't expect anything less. That's just the type of man he is. I'm so blessed. Any way, I know it's not easy to volunteer. It does take up time. But if enough people step up to the plate (pun intended), the load wouldn't be so hard to carry.

Do we realize the impact "words" have on our spouses, our children and those we come into contact with? Whoever coined the phrase, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me", was lying. Do wives realize that they can build up or tear down their man? Do we as parents know that we can make or break our children? Do we as adults know that with God, ALL chains can be broken? I know that I know, that's it's true...

I think that's enough rabbit chasing thoughts for now. I'm drained... :o)

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