Sunday, March 09, 2008

My G.I. Joe

.......................................... is 14 today!

He was an answered prayer to our three Fair Maidens. They prayed daily & more than once a day, for a baby brother. God heard their prayers and answered it on March 9, 1994. My Knight, our Fair Maidens and I were blessed beyond measure.

G.I. Joe is the kind of son everyone wishes they had. He loves God and it's evident in how he lives his life. He has charm and charisma. He's an all around athlete. He is easy going and funny. He has a way of making people around him feel at ease. He's a wonderful young brother and is setting a great example for The Warrior. He loves all his sisters and looks after them. It's a blessing that they all truly enjoy each other's company. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for him. I pray that he continue to walk the straight and narrow road. May his light continue to shine brightly.

My Dearest G.I. Joe,

You are above and beyond, of what I dreamed possible in a son. I'm so blessed and honored that God saw fit to have me be your mom. Your wit keeps things interesting around our Castello. I admire how dedicated you are. Not just in your school work, sports or in what you set your mind to, but in your daily walk with God. May you always walk hand in hand with Him. Stay the course...

I'll love you forever you...
I'll like you for always...
As long as I'm living...
My Baby you'll be...


Our Fair Maidens got him a card they knew he'd love. The outside is written in a beautiful script lettering and it decorated very manly and elegant. On the outside it says: "It isn't easy to find a birthday card as classy and sophisticated as you are." On the inside it says: "Happy Birthday!" But it has three monkeys and when you open it (it's a musical card), You can hear the monkeys laughing. He loved it!

The Warrior picked out a card too. The outside is decorated like a map. It says: "The relationship that brothers share is like a bridge connecting two great cities." The inside has a long bridge and it says: "One city is Awesomburg, and the other one's Buttville." Guess who's Buttville... Happy Birthday!" Needless to say he loved that one too. But (pun intended) let me add, there is more to this joking card. We were teasing about it later on. I wonder who's Buttville, The Warrior claimed it. You see, he's the one that gets padded the most around here. So he proudly said it was him. I tell you... there is NEVER a dull moment in our Castello.

Here's one most won't see... my Knight goofing off. He does it all the time, we just aren't quick enough to catch it in pictures. That drives me NUTS! I sure wish my eyes were cameras. Oh... the pictures I'd capture!!!

I love my G.I. Joe. I have to say this... he looks more and more like my brother every day. Seems like every stage he's gone through, he looks like him. It's funny how he never got to meet my brother, yet the things he says are things my brother would of said. My brother use to call our Fair Maidens, his girls. When G.I. Joe was younger, he use to call his sisters, my girls.

This type of picture is a classic around here. They take a close up picture of The Warrior's eye and somewhere in the background is G.I. Joe. Sometimes it's easy to spot (like this one) and sometimes you have to really look. I don't know how this "tradition" got started, but we have LOTS of pictures similar to this one.

For his birthday dinner G.I. Joe had talked about Steak & Shake or Sonny's. He loves burgers. We thought, why not Chili's. So that's were we headed. He was pleased, he ended up having a steak. Which he's a big steak eater. :o) Oh, I've decided that some time soon, I'm going to blog about the many times I "try" to take a picture and I get this reaction. So, be on the look out. You won't believe how many I've taken that are just "hands".

Ok, I can't tell you how many times I tried to have my picture taken with my Knight. We kept having to take it over and over. Cause you see, practical jokers kept getting in the way. I told you, never a dull moment. Guess who these jokers are?

Finally, we were able to get one, but I was expecting someone to jump in, so I wasn't smiling. My Knight... the man of my dreams. Yes, I still melt when he holds me and when I look into his deep blue eyes. Be still my heart...

After dinner, were headed home. Except my Knight and all those in his car (the Squires and the Seamstress) stopped to pick up some of her meds at the pharmacy. I went to fill up the car with gas and then a quick (yes it was) trip to Walmart. Still Waters needed some acrylic paint for a class project and Soaring Amongst The Clouds wanted to get a little something for Airman G. I think he's going to love it, but mums the word. ;o)

We all arrived home at the same time. Then it was cake time! YEAH! Let me tell you, 14 candles really sends up quite a bit of smoke. LOL! All in all I think my G.I. Joe had a great day. He got to spend the day with friends at church. He went to his drama gathering. Which by the way, his sister Daughter of the King baked brownies to share with everyone in the drama team. They all sang happy birthday to him. So you see, my children really do love each other. :o) What I blog about is true, just ask them...

Ooops, I forgot to mention, my Knight and I got him an ipod. The Fair Maidens are going to take him shopping. They want to get him an outfit. The Warrior wanted to get him Assassins Creed, but I said no. They don't know this, but that's what my Knight is getting for Easter. ;o) So, he decided to get him a cd.

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...Estë... said...

Let me tell you where the "Warrior's eye and G.I.Joe posing behind him" tradition originated. Last May we got a new rifle. After testing it out I asked my brothers to smile for a picture. Warrior just stood there while G.I.Joe, standing behind him, made a funny face. I quickly snapped it. Hence, the tradition began. And actually the first few pictures like this were of Warrior's right eye with G.I.Joe on the left somewhere.