Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

We all went to the 8:30a Sunday service. Ok, you can now pick up your jaw from the floor. Yes, I got up early. LOL! My friend Chris, couldn't believe it when she saw us walking out church as she was walking in.

The service was great. I was a little disappointed that Papi and Granma didn't go to church with us. Deep down inside, I knew they wouldn't. They are none practicing Catholics. They respect our believes, but will not attend church with us. I'm just glad they came and spent the weekend with us. I love having my dad around.

Be warned, I wanted to post this quickly so the pictures are not in any particular order....

G.I. Joe spent the day playing around outside. He got the wooden bat he's holding from one of the Power Team events, that came to town about 7 years ago. Our Squires love playing around with those little bats.

The Warrior was outside playing with his brother. I'm really surprised he turned around when I called him. It's not that he's being disobedient. The reason I was surprised was because if I have the camera and I call him, he won't turn around.

I'm so glad I was able to capture this one. I always manage to miss it. Daughter of the King went to have Easter dinner with Steps family. She had a great time. She enjoys spending time with his family. Once they were done with their visit, they came over to our Castello. They had a late Easter dinner with us too.

This was right after Still Waters got her Easter basket. When our Fair Maiden's were younger, I use to put a new bathing suit in their Easter basket. It was to help "kick of" Spring and get ready for the Summer. Well, now that they are older they really have to try on their bathing suits. So, now I purchase two clothing items, for their Spring/Summer wear. The basket also includes candy. Not the commercialized Easter candy, but regular candy. Candy I know they like. Our Squires didn't get a bathing suit because the ones from last year still fit them. So they got two clothing items too. Airman G and Steps "did" get a bathing suit. So we kept our tradition going with them. :o) Airman G's bathing suit matches Soaring Amongst The Clouds' bathing suit and Steps' matches Daughter of the King's. Everyone is ready for the summer. Now if the weather would only cooperate. LOL!

Here we have Soaring Amongst The Clouds, Airman G, Susie Homemaker and The Patriarch. These are Airman G's grandparents. They are absolutely wonderful! Their pseudonym really need no explanations but I'll give one any way. :o) Susie Homemaker who loves the Lord. She enjoys cooking and baking. She loves being a housewife which in today's world is a rarity. Sad but true. I often wonder how the world would be today if more women were like her. The Patriarch is well, the head of the family. He's godly man. He has set a wonderful example for Airman G. He's been a great leader and provider for his family. Which also makes me wonder where we would be today if men would step up and be the leaders of their family. To many are mama's boys, not wanting to grow up, commit or just plain allow women to walk all over them. This is just my opinion. You are welcome to have yours.

I believe they are in the process of hiding eggs. Yep, Airman G and some of his cousins enjoy finding the hidden eggs. :o)

Here they are ready to find the eggs. They put her in the front hoping to coax her into participating. The two young ladies on side are Airman G's cousins. The one holding on to him for dear life is his sister, KT. The lady on the right is am old friend of the Scrapper.

I have to say this was one of my favorite shots of the day. I love how Airman G is carrying Soaring Amongst The Clouds backpack and the basket. I feel it's a gallant gesture. Young men/men today aren't so chivalrous. The Scrapper has done a fine job raising her son. I also think that being in the military has helped to enforce his upbringing. Soaring Amongst The Clouds is carrying a fleece Air Force blanket and travel size pillow case that Airman G's grandmother made for her. I know it will be a permanent fixture on her bed. LOL!

After church this morning, Soaring Amongst The Clouds went with Airman G and his family to his grandparents home. They had their annual Easter Egg hunt and dinner. Soaring Amongst The Clouds decided not to partake in the egg hunt. Even though all his cousins (age 15 and up) were hunting eggs, she felt a little funny doing that, so she helped hide the eggs. She really enjoyed meeting his extended family. Some weren't able to attend, but she is looking forward to meeting them too. After their visit, they came to our Castello to spend the rest of the evening with us. They also had a second Easter dinner with us.

I love this picture. I love sitting at the table and seeing my family all around. This was the first time both suitors had dinner with us at the same time. Airman G has eaten with us before and so has Steps, but they've not eaten with us at the same time. Good thing our table seats 12. They're plenty of room for Still Water's future suitor and our Squires future Fair Ladies. Not that our table is by any means "not full", but I look forward to the time when our children and their spouses will be breaking bread with us. What can I say, that the romantic and the mom in me that thinks that. :o)

This year Easter was a little different. Two of our Fair Maidens weren't with us the entire day. This is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. It's not a sad thing, it's as God intended. I thought that once it came, I would have a hard time letting go. But I see it differently now. I see it as our family expanding. I have always wanted a large family. I know you must think wow, having 5 children makes a big family. But remember, I wanted 12 children! ;o) I love and enjoy having Airman G and Steps spend time with us. I only hope and pray that they enjoy spending time with us too. LOL!

Since this Easter was a little different, we decided to change out Easter dinner and start a new tradition. We had a Cuban, Easter dinner. We roasted a pork shoulder. My Knight was the one that roasted it, he used his dad's recipe. By the way, my Knight is ALWAYS the one that roasts the pork. We also had black beans, white rice and Cuban bread. My dad brought the Cuban bread from Miami. So it was the authentic bread. YEAH! I completely forgot to buy some yucca. :o( For dessert I wanted to bake a flan, but decided not to. I didn't want to tempt my dad. He's a diabetic. I would of had to bake it the night before. The pork was going to be baking practically all day and I wouldn't be able to use the oven. Which means, if my dad saw it in the fridge, he'd want to eat some of it. There is WAYYYY too much sugar in a flan. So instead, Daughter of the King baked brownies. My dad is not a chocolate lover. No temptation there. ;o) I must say, I was very pleased to see Airman G and Steps have a second helping of dinner. :o)

My dad and mom weren't able to stay and have dinner with us. They had to leave before lunch because they don't like to drive at night. They can see fine, but they prefer to drive during the day. I was sad to see them go, but I was thankful for their visit.

................................ The man of my dreams and I.

................................. Daughter of the King and Steps

.......... Still Waters and her younger sister, Daughter of the King.

G.I. Joe asked me to buy him a pink shirt. Not many guys and get away with wearing pink. He's one that can. ;o) The Warrior loves to wear ties. He also loves to wear Hawaiian print shirts.

........................................... Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Airman G.

Papi and Granma (not a typo, that's the way we 'say' it) came to spend Easter weekend with us. They arrived around 9p, Thursday night. It was great! They have never stayed four whole days with us. We thoroughly enjoyed their visit. Do you know how hard it is to get everyone to smile and/or have their eyes open at the same time?! Well, it took 5 tries! LOL! I was unable to get a picture of my mom. She doesn't like her picture taken. :o(

While dinner was cooking, the "men" played, Call of Duty 4. They all enjoy playing it. Well, Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Still Waters play it too. Daughter of the King and I are not into video games. But that's all right, we enjoy watching and hearing them play.

This Easter day was different than all our past Easter days. But, I wouldn't of traded it for the world. I'm so thankful for God's blessings. I love my family. I love spending time with them. We were able to rejoice together. What more could I ask for?

How was your Easter day? What were you thankful for?

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Tiffany said...

I love the pictures. Your boys are adorable and your girls are beautiful. You are so blessed to have such a big family that will keep getting bigger. Our Easter this year was different too, not in a good way though. It just wasn't much of anything. I will have to change that next year.