Monday, February 11, 2008

Following Directions... Who Me?

Today marks three weeks since I had surgery. I want to thank you all for your prayers. My family really ROCKS!!! I have done nothing but lay on my couch, watch tv, eat homemade cookies and sleep.

A week after my surgery I went for my check up. My surgeon told me, "Wow, you are recovering very nicely." I told him it was because I God is good and I have a great family. He told me he'd see me again in two weeks and to keep up the good work. Well, I left the office in a high. I figured, maybe one more week or two and that's it, I'm home free. HA! and he had originally told me 6-8 weeks recovery. What does he know. That was all last week.

So today, three weeks later, I figured, "Hey, I'm feeling great. I don't need to continue taking all that stuff my surgeon told me to take (I stopped taking it a few days ago). I can sit for short periods of time. I can walk and still rest when needed. I'm going to finish my Valentine Day shopping." YEAH!!! So I hit 5 stores in 2 hours. I was on a mission. I was proud of myself. By the time I got home, I realized, "Hey, maybe this doc knows what he's talking about. I shouldn't have gone out." I'm suffering a minor set back. No biggie, I've learned my lesson. I'm following my surgeon's orders. I'm resting and back on the stuff I need to take.

I guess I do need to follow directions... who would of thunk it?!

Oh, by the way... I got all my shopping done. My children are going to LOVE what they are getting. ;o) Happy Valentine's Day...


John Chappell said...

Something to lighten the load....

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oneblessedmamma said...
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