Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Nut?

Every one that knows me, knows that I'm a junk food junkie. Every one that knows my Knight, know that he's into the "healthy food" stuff. YUCK! Thank God our Fair Maiden take after there dad, well so do our Squires.

Since I'm still recovering, Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Daughter of the King did the groceries this past Friday. Bless their hearts, they are so good. I mean it in every sense of the word. WARNING RABBIT CHASING: Our Fair Maidens have been doing the menu planning, grocery list and helping with the groceries since they were 11 years old. They are AWESOME at it too! They stick to the list and don't buy on impulse, unlike their mama, who's and impulse and compulsive shopper. URGH! I hate that about me.

RABBIT BACK IN THE CAGE: Well they bought some trail mix for their dad to snack on. They bought the one that has, raisins, cranberry, m&m's, and mixed nuts. I DO NOT LIKE trail mix. I don't believe in mixing my snacks. Chocolate should be eaten as a chocolate, not with raisins or cranberry. But I sure do like the raisins in the trail mix they bought. They taste sweet and salty at the same time. For some reason, I crave that. NO!!! I'm not pregnant. :o) Well, my hand was in the bag trying to get all the raisins I could get without getting anything else. I accidentally had a cashew in the mix. When I ate what I had in my hand my facial expression said it all. "EWWWWW, YUCK!" To which Soaring Amongst The Clouds replied, "A nut for a nut!". I couldn't help but laugh... my Fair Maidens know me so well. LOL!


Tiffany said...

I know raisins are good for me but I do not like them at all. The only way I can eat a raisin is to combine it with a nut. I don't love nuts by themselves that much either but I love them combined with a piece of dried fruit. It's funny how everyone's tastes are so different.

Lady G~ said...

LOL! I like cashews by themselves. I like pecans only in Butter Pecan ice cream. LOL! I like raisins only in my favorite cookies... oatmeal rasisin cookies or when the raisins come in my Knight's trail mix. Oh, and I only eat oatmeal when it's baked as my favorite cookie. I'm such a spoiled....