Sunday, February 24, 2008

Up In The Clouds

Yesterday, after much rain, it finally cleared a little after lunch time. Guess where we headed too? A little airport. Why, you wonder. Well... Daughter of the King decided to follow her eldest sister's footsteps. She wanted to go skydiving for her 18th birthday.

So we made her wishes come true...

She was all smiles the entire time. I asked her if she was nervous at any point. She told me no. She was to excited to be nervous.

Being daring runs in the blood. We are a thrill seeking family. The problem is, that it's so expensive to do some of the thrilling stuff we want to do. So until the day we can afford what we want to do, we do some of the other thrill seeking things that aren't as costly. Like: rock climbing, white water rafting, skiing and yes... skydiving. Way to go Baby Girl! You ROCK!!!

She is getting suited up. It just so happen that this is the same skydiver that sky dived with Soaring Amongst The Clouds.

Here she is waiting until they tell her it's time to board the plane. I kid you not, she was all smiles the entire time.

My proud Knight with our thrill seeking Fair Maiden. Hmmm... some how thrill seeking and Fair Maiden doesn't sound like it should go together.

This was the young man who video taped her jump. He did a great job. He told me his name, but I forgot it. URGH!!! I hate when that happens.

We all went to cheer her on. One gets to wear their own clothing underneath the jumpsuit. Everyone was so nice at this place. They were all telling her, "Have a great jump. Remember to smile! Have fun!".

Steps didn't want to miss seeing her doing what she's wanted to do for 2 years. She couldn't wait to be 18, so she could go sky diving. I asked him if would ever sky dive, he say no way! My Knight feels there is no reason to jump off a perfectly good airplane. Guess my Fair Maidens have more of me in them that I though. ;o)

Wish you could really see the smile on her face. We could. We know she had a great time! She told us that everyone one in the plane sang happy birthday to her. I'm sure this will be a birthday she will never forget!

Almost about to touch ground. It was sooooo cool to watch her do something she's been wanting to do.

The Warrior has been giving me a hard time about having his picture taken. I love this one. It's sooooo him.

We are watching her as she is sailing by. Wish I was up there too!

I love my man. Even after 25 years, I still can't get enough of him. Be still my heart....

While waiting for her sister, Soaring Amongst The Clouds was well, soaring amongst the clouds. LOL! She was texting her beau... Airman G. Needless to say, she was all smiles too.

Still Waters gives me a hard time about having her picture taken too. So I try to snap some while she isn't looking.

All in all we had a great day. We all came back home after the jump. My Knight and The Warrior went to baseball practice. My Knight is helping coach the team. The rest of us stayed home. Steps had dinner with us and stayed to watch a movie. I love it when our family is all together. It's all I ever dreamed of... I'm so blessed.

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