Friday, November 30, 2007

What To Doo Doo About It

I have to laugh about it or else I would cry. We all know that crying accomplished nothing. Well, it does help to let it out, but it doesn't fix anything. We have been having trouble with our septic tank. Well, think about it, there are 8 dwellers in our Castello!

One would think, "No problem, just get it pumped and be done with it!". There is a problem, you see, no project is EVER that easy in our Casetllo. :o) We had the septic pumped in June. A couple of weeks ago, we started having problems again. We would ease up on the water usage. I would cut back on my laundry which is not easy for a family of 8. Then came Thanksgiving. BAMM! Problems again. Frustration hit, but we tried to make the best of it.

Ok, family is gone. Time to get the problem fixed. I thought, "No problem, just call the septic company. Have them come over, check our tank and if need be, just have them expand it or whatever it is that needs to be done." Well, even though we own our 5 acres, apparently we have to get a "PERMIT" to get it inspected and see what needs to be done. Boy did that tick me off! It's my property, WHY do I have to ask permission to do something?! Thus began my run around...

I called the office and asked what did I need to bring with me in order to get the permit. They named two things. My Knight looked for it and gave it to me. I took it in. When I got there, the lady told me, " You also need these other things." She handed me a checklist. I told her I had called the day before and was told I only needed two things. She proceeded to tell me that she didn't know who I had spoken to, but they always ask for all this other things. URGH!!!! I KNEW I should of asked the name of the person who I had spoken to the day before. Well, I got the checklist and I told her I'd be back the next day. I went to and got a letter stating that we don't have sewer access. Even though I told them we didn't, but they needed a letter stating that. Ok, now I'm ready to get all the paperwork started.

This morning, they called to tell us that the car Still Waters was driving yesterday was ready to be picked up. It has four new wheels and it's been aligned. I figured great, Daughter of the King can drop me off and as a test drive, I'll drive to the "permit" office and get that done. When I get to the tire place, I look for my credit card and it's not there. URGH! I was using a new wallet and couldn't find it. We drove back home to get the card. I looked in my old wallet and couldn't find it. Panic set in. Oh no, I lost my cards! I looked again in my new wallet and found the card tucked away. It's the emergency card. I even have a rubber band around it with a paper saying, "DO NOT USE". I'm a compulsive buyer and seeing that deters me from using it. Daughter of the King drives me back and I finally get on my way. I arrive at the "permit" office and... it's closed! URGH!!!! The roll down window was down. On it was a paper that said, "this office is closed the second Wednesday of the month and the last Friday of the month. I could hear the ladies behind the rolled down window. The lady knew I was coming back today. I told her so yesterday. She didn't tell me they would be close. The only way to see that sign is when the window is rolled down. Oh, did I mention that when I sat in the car, the seat was still wet from the night before? And that the tow truck driver, after laying in the mud trying to put the chain on the wheels sat in my car? And that after I sat in my car, my hinnie got mud on it too? Yep, it was a fun day.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a Libertarian. I understand why we have laws and why we have to abide by them. But come on, does my left foot really need to ask permission from my right foot to do something? Why does it have to be that way with our government. I love my country, but sometimes, the people really get in the way. If we all could just be more civilized, we wouldn't have to have all these laws. But, that's another story...

I have to say though, that my Knight came to the rescue. He took me out on a date. I love my man! We ate Italian, which is my favorite. But not only that, my meal was steak and fettuccine noodles with spinach. Steak, my favorite! Then we had a to die for dessert! From there we went to Books-A-Million, one of my favorite stores. We strolled the mall and headed back home. It was great! Hey, I'm a pretty easy gal to please. All is forgotten, well at least until I think about it again...

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