Friday, November 16, 2007

The Cows Do

Last night my Warrior had a fever of 101.6, so I gave him some meds. By the time he went to bed, he no longer had a fever. He's had a cold for the last 2-3 days. Hate is a very strong word. It's a word we don't use in our home. But between you and me... I hate it when my children are sick. My heart goes out to them. But this morning he woke up with no fever. He's still congested, but at least the fever is gone. Today for school, we will focus on just reading.

My Warrior is more susceptible to getting sick than the average child. He was born with Alpha Thalassemia. But to look at him you'd never think he has this blood disorder. He does have dark circle under his eyes, but come summer time, one can't tell. He is very active and a great natural athlete. He excels at whatever he sets his mind to. He's got his daddy's drive and competitiveness. Well, he's got a double dose of competitiveness. ;o)

My Warrior carries this quilt with him, whenever he gets up in the morning. The quilt will be on the couch for the rest of the say until bed time. He loves it! His sisters made it for him for Christmas. Soaring Amongst The Clouds and I do not sew, but we helped pick the materials. Still Waters and Daughter of the King were the ones that made the quilt. If you look closely, there are cow prints. He LOVES cows. When he was two years old, the property next to us had many cows grazing. We would walk up to the fence and call the cows. He just loved looking at them. One day he and I were looking out our bay window. I told him, "Looks at the birds, God created the birds and God loves you, look at the sky, God created the sky and God loves you, your sisters love you, and you know who else loves you?" He told me, "The cows love me." I couldn't help but laugh. I was expecting him to say, "You love me or mommy loves me." But no, the cows love him. LOL!

This morning he was laying on the couch wrapped in his quilt. I laid down beside him and kissed his little face. I told him, "Your sisters love you so much, you know who else loves you?" With a twinkle in his eyes said, "Yes, the cows love me." Then he kissed me. Be still my heart...

*notice: In the first picture, hi little pillow case has a "moo moo" print. Our Daughter of the King made that for him.


The Atavist said...

He sounds and looks like a great kid. Best wishes for s speedy total recovery!

Lady G~ said...

Thank you Atavist. I haven't had much time to visit my favorite sites. I'll be heading you way soon.