Saturday, November 10, 2007

Camping Outside The Castello

My Knight decided to set up the tents. He enlisted the help of our Squires. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of them setting up four of the tents. I believe we own about 6 tents, but only 4 were . LOL! Well, what do you expect, our family kept growing and we had to keep buying bigger tents! :o) They only set up 4 cause those were the ones used recently and they needed to be cleaned up.

Since the tents were up, someone had the bright idea of camping out tonight. NOT ME! I'm cold blooded. It's only 58 and my fingers and toes are white! Those of you that know me personally, ah... know that, well, I'm of Cuban, Panamanian, Italian heritage. White is not my shade. LOL! Well, my fingers and toes turn white because I have Raynaud's Phenomenon and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (lupus for short).

Ok, back to camping. Daughter of the King turned in early so she didn't camp out. The rest were waiting for a football game that they were watching to finish up. The team they were rooting for won. YEAH! So off they went...

Here we have my Knight and Still Waters. They were the last two to get into Camelot. This is our biggest tent. It sleeps 8. Which means, when we go camping we need another tent to hold our backpacks and whatever else we decide to take. Cause when it says it sleeps 8, it really means, that's it, only 8 can sleep there, no room for anything else!

This is the foyer of Camelot. All shoes are lined up and ready for slipping on in case someone has to make a dash for it. A couple of days ago, our neighbor called to warn us that a pack of 15-20 coyotes had tried to get to their cows. They took off when he shot at them. But we could still hear them howling. Not a sound I like. Oh, before everyone had headed out to sleep, we were all sitting watching the football game. Someone said we need to lock the gate. Then Soaring Amongst The Clouds said, "No, it would make no difference, they'll dig under the hole." LOL! We all couldn't stop laughing. Another one of her "isms". We all knew she meant, that they'll just dig a hole under the fence. Her words can't keep up with her thoughts. Never a dull moment around here.

Soaring Amongst The Clouds (the one with the flashlight) is making sure there aren't any critters in the tent. She's very adventurous and loves the outdoors, but she DOES NOT like bugs! G.I. Joe is telling her, "There is nothing there!"

Still Waters is the one that gives me the hardest time when I try to take a picture of her. She was holding her flashlight, "Let's see how this turns out mom!" Very funny missy!

Four of my precious children. I don't think they'll be too cold tonight. I made sure they took their quilts or fleece blankets. G.I. Joe and Still Waters have their fleece blankets inside their sleeping bags. Sleep tight... I pray the ants won't bite.

I tried to sneak a picture of my Knight, but he's much too quick. URGH! Now you know who our children take after. :o) But then again, who better to take after than their dad?! MUAH!!! Love ya Babe. He kept asking me, "Are you sure you don't want to come and cuddle? I said, "Sure I want to cuddle, but not out hear, let's go inside." ;o)

Notice the skull cap my Warrior is wearing. It's a Marine skull cap. Airmen G gave him that cap. My Warrior is always talking about being a Marine when he grows up. I know he'll be great at whatever God leads him to be.

I know she's thinking, "Ok mom, enough is enough." But I love my sweet faced Still Waters. Thank you for being so tolerant. I know it isn't easy.

I can't believe that I caught her laughing. It is pitch dark out there. All the pictures I took I had no clue how they were turning out, unless I would stop and play back what was taken. Since none of them are very co-operative, I have no time to check. Except for some reason, I saw that the picture taken before this one (not the one of Still Waters), but a picture I took of Soaring Amongst The Clouds, did not turn out. She had her eyes closed. So I was telling her, "Let me take it again, you had your eyes closed." She thought it was funny and was laughing about it. Unbeknown to me (or her), I clicked at the right time. YEAH!

My G.I. Joe was thrilled to be camping out. We had him sleep on one of ends because The Warrior moves around too much. Water would be seeping through before the night was over. Didn't want that to happen.

I can't wait to hear how it all went. As for me, I will sleep warmly in my heated waterbed, covered with my quilt and fleece blanket. Ah...

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