Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving In Our Castello

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My family from Miami came up to visit. The Seamstress is living with us, so she was here too. Steps also came over. Scrapper, Airman G and KT came by to pay us a visit too. It was a weekend filled with family and friends. The fun and not so fun kept us busy all weekend long.

Where do I even start! My family arrived late Wednesday night. They drove up in one car. Boss Lady's (my sister) car is nice big suburban, so it was a comfortable ride. Papa (my nephew) was the only one that didn't come this time around. He's been having some anger and attitude problems. Due to an altercation they had, the therapist said he should not go on the trip. Papa is 11 years old, but he's a tall, big boy. He is physically very strong. He has gotten physically assertive with my sister. We all missed him terribly and were sorry to hear that he wasn't able to spend Thanksgiving with us.

We took so many pictures, but I'll spare you and only share a few. Be forewarned, I look very tired and haggard. I was a little emotionally stress and physically whooped, but the why, I will leave for another day.

Here I have the first love of my life... my dad and the man of my life... my Knight. My Knight is the one that cooked the turkey. Oh, and no, that was not the only turkey plate. There were a total of three overflowing plateful of turkey and some still left in the pan. My Knight is an EXCELLENT chef. I love my man in blue! He's sooooooo HOT! And not because he was in the kitchen!

Papi (my dad) and his four and only granddaughters. From left to right: Drama Queen, Soaring Amongst The Clouds, Daughter of the King and Still Waters. My dad loves the t-shirt he has on. He owns over 25 of them. He loves this country. He passed down his patriotism to all his children. We are so blessed to live here.

Step's family had their dinner earlier than we did. They had invited Daughter of the King to eat with them. So they had two Thanksgiving dinners. LOL!

Boss Lady and my two Squires. From left to right: The Warrior, Boss Lady and G.I. Joe. I was amazed that I was able to catch both of my Squires smiling at the same time. You think that they are getting use to this "mamarazzi"? LOL!

The only one missing in this picture is the Boss Lady. Then again, she's the one taking the picture. Step's mom is all the way on the left. We took this right before she left. Steps was with us until 11p. We played games after our dinner. We had a great time playing Imaginiff.

I love this picture. I guess it's because I love my dad. :o) I miss him not having him around. At least I get to talk to him. Praise God for modern technology and cingular phones. ;o)

My mom Sabimbi, is a difficult one to get a picture of. I guess now you know who my children take after. LOL! I know it's hard to see, but my mom has the smoothest complexion that I've ever seen. Her secret? Water and aloe. She buys fresh aloe. She cuts it and puts on the creamy milk on her face. She lets it dry and then rinses it off. She is very much into the "natural" stuff. She is 65 years old. Takes no medication for her arthritis or any pain relievers. She eats lots fresh fruits and vegetables and drinks LOTS of water. If she does have pain, she makes her own home remedies.

WOW! All but one is showing teeth. LOL! Instead of saying "smile", we say, "show some teeth". Mainly cause my Fair Maidens manage to smile but with closed lips. As for my sister and my niece, they "show teeth" without even anyone asking. Smiles are so contagious. We should all do it more often.

Need I say it again? I LOVE MY DAD!!! I miss you Papi, wish you were here...

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