Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Treasures... My Salvation

I know it sounds kind of funky to think of Salvation as a treasure. Think about it though. Where does one go if they aren't saved?

Had God not come down in human form, had he not suffered, had he not bled and sacrificed himself for me... us, we would of spent eternity in the fiery pit of hell.

I know what it's like not having God in your life. I wasn't saved until I was 28 years old. Before God came into my life, I thought I had it great. Great husband, wonderful children, happy life. Then a tragedy happened. My Baby Brother died. He was only 19. I felt so lost, empty, disconnected, alone, hopeless. I can still remember how that felt.

God changed all that. That's why my heart goes out to those that don't know Jesus Christ. He gave me hope. Yes things were great before but now, I can't imagine my life without Him. I have this peace that I can't even describe. My life isn't perfect. I still have trial and tribulations, but I also have hope. I know that He will get me through them. With Him... Life Is Good.

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