Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Baseball Fever!

Spring isn't even here and Baseball Fever has hit our home! Last day for sign up were today. We are hoping and praying that we have enough players for a couple of Junior League Teams.

My Baby Girl #2 and I stayed home while my Babe took everyone else baseball/softball shopping. Or should I say buying?! She was able to chill out and play video games, which by the way she enjoys playing. Her favorite game is Kingdom Hearts I & II.

She even got to play for a couple of hours. Uninterrupted too! She doesn't know when she'll get the chance to play. Baby Boy #5 is the Master Player! I'm not kidding!

Baby Girl #1 and Baby Girl #3 needed new gloves. Baby Girl #3 also needed new cleats. They are both playing for our church's women's softball league. The boys needed new cleats. Praise the Lord they found everything they needed at Sports Authority. YEAH!!! For Baby Boy #4 I ordered online 2 new sliding shorts. Baby Boy #5 will be using his brother's old ones, they still look like new. Baby Boy #4 old practice baseball pants have been passed onto hi younger brother. They look like new too. I guess I'm a little compulsive about keeping clothes in good conditions. Don't get me wrong! When they come home from practices or games they are dirty as dirty can be. I just soak them in oxyclean. If something is white, then it should look white, not yellow! Got that from my Mama. :o) So, we are all set for baseball. Can't wait til it begins!

Oh, need I say that everyone wanted to try out their new stuff? I forgot to mention that my Babe also bought a ball slinger thingy. Don't know what it's called, but you'll see it in the pictures...

Baby Girl #3 is thrilled with her new softball gear, BUT she's not thrilled that her mama has asked her to pose with her new gear. Sorry Baby Girl, you should be use to it by now! :o)

I only got a couple of shots of Baby Girl #3. She didn't stay out there long. She wanted to take a shower before her grandma came over.

Here is my Babe with the "ball slinger" thingy I had mentioned earlier. They all had a great time catching all those fly balls and line drives. This was definitely a great purchase.

I was having a hard time getting a picture of Baby Girl #1 where she wasn't ah... upset. She wasn't thrilled that her sister got the same kind of glove that she had gotten. It's that "I want to be different" thing that we all go through. By the time they were done playing around, she was her old self again. Too bad I wasn't around to take of picture then. :o(

I loved this action shot of her. Well, actually I loved another one, but she would KILL me and disown me as her mother if I put that picture up.

I LOVE this picture. He is just watching his Daddy. Yes Baby, one day you'll grow up to be as strong as your Daddy.

I must of been on a roll today. I managed to get another action shot! Kudos for me! He is giving it all he's got to get this one too. I just love seeing my children play. They get so into it!

Yep, he caught this one too. Look closely in his glove... the ball is yellow. He eats, sleeps, dreams about baseball. God has blessed him with incredible talent.

I just realized that my Babe and I are both wearing gray. :o) Since I didn't get my picture last night. I got me one today. Wooooooo Hooooooo!

My Baby Girl and I. She tends to be like my Babe. She doesn't like to pose for pictures. Don't know why, she's so beautiful.

Me and my Baby Boy. He's growing up so fast. He's already 5'2"! I can't believe that he's going to be 13 in 39 days! They grow up in a twinkle of an eye.

Me and the not so Baby of the family. He is already 10. He'll be taller than me in no time. Be still my heart... I love my family...


Babystepper said...

You have a beautiful family!

I have a good life said...

Your family is beautiful! Thanks for the C.S. Lewis comment. I guess it is time to read him again-he is so inspirational. Again, your family is beautiful.

Good luck with the baseball/softball. It sounds like a family affair. How fun!