Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update On The Dwellers Of The Castello

* The Warrior fractured his finger at the knuckle, therefore requiring a cast. The cat is midway up his forearm.

* My Knight was at home on vacation all last week... YEAH!!!! We really enjoyed having him home with us 24/7. :o)

* Soaring Amongst The Clouds went to NC for a weekend with an adventure group from her university. They went kayaking, horseback riding and hiking. The purpose of this trip was to see the changing of the leaves. She had a FANTABULOUS time! Thank you for your prayers. God has really showered her with peace. She's having a great time this semester in school. She's getting to teach a Junior Achievement class in a local private school. She's enjoying working with children. She's meeting new and interesting people and loving it.

* Daughter of the King changed her major from teaching/minoring in sign language to communication disorders. With that major she'll be able to work as an interpreter and with the hearing impaired. She's thrilled, because she really didn't want to teach, she wanted to focus on sign language. :o) She's still trying to learn how to jump through professors hoops. So she's still struggling a little with her school work. We are so proud of her for sticking to it.

* G.I. Joe's soccer season ended last night. They made it to the 1/4 finals, but lost. This is the first time in eons since the school he played with made it to the finals. He had a great time and is looking forward to playing again next year. This season he scored a total of 5 goals. Which is great considering he's never played soccer before. We are so proud of how he has risen to the occasion.

* Still Waters is really blossoming! I'm so proud of her. She's loving what she's studying, digital art. School work and working in the media center is keeping her very busy. She's the one that's going to give me more gray hairs. She plans on purchasing a Harley once she finishes school and gets a job. YIKES!

* Basket ball season has started and G.I. Joe is playing in the JV team. He's never played basketball before. So, we went out, bought him basketball sneakers and a basketball. Now I get to watching him play my Knight's favorite sport. Hope he enjoys it too.

* My great-niece's christening was yesterday. It was good to see the family, except my sister in law and her husband. I avoided them like the plague. At the end of the day, my Knight hugged me and told me he was proud of me. I didn't loose it and treated them cordially. :o) The tigress in me comes out when someone messes with those I love. But I kept my composure. Thank you Lord.

* My mother in love came home with us from the christening and will be here until tomorrow. She has already made negative comments about us and our home. URGH!!! But I'm trying hard to grin and bear it. I tried my hardest not to let it get to me.

* I'm having trouble eating. I can't quite figure out what food give my belly a reaction. So I'm limiting my food intake. What's funny is that I seem to do fine with fast foods or restaurants food. Maybe it's my home cooking?! When I do eat, I eat very little, for fear that it will send me running to the bathroom. Which leads me to...

* My size 7 jeans can literally be pulled down without it being unbuttoned or unzipped! YEAH! The 3/4 is fitting a little loose, but still a good fit. Now if I could do something about the effect gravity has on my body! I'll leave it at that! LOL!

* We bought a new van and we are loving it! We all love being able to ride together instead of going out in two cars. :o)

* I'm trying really hard to be a good steward with our finances. Please pray for me not to be tempted. I'm even avoiding going to Wal-Mart. LOL!

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