Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm Back!

I can't even begin to share how busy I've been. So I wont' even try. But I will share what my family is up to...

As I type this, Soaring Amongst the Clouds is in North Carolina. She went with a group of student from Alumni University. This morning they went kayaking. They'll also be horseback riding and backpacking through the mountains. That's right up her alley. I'm sure she's having a FANTABULOUS time!

*Oh, feel free to visit Soaring Amongst The Clouds' blog. She's shared about a trip she took.

Still Waters and Daughter of the King are camping at the beach, with the college/career group from our church. They are having a great weather and LOTS of fun. I text them and asked how it was going. Still Waters said... FUN! Daughter of the King said... Good! They take after their dad... he's a man of few words. Straight to the point.

G.I. Joe scored 3 goals yesterday. Did I ever mentioned he's never played soccer before this season? LOL! Yep, he's played baseball since he was 5 and played some football too. He just started playing soccer 2 days before the first game. Which means he missed 2 weeks of practice. We even had to go and buy a soccer ball cause we didn't own one. I'm so proud of my baby. He's scored a total of 5 goals this season. :o) He's having a great time. Being that we homeschool under an umbrella school, he's unable to play for our local high school. But a local private school allows homeschoolers to play if the umbrella school you are registered with doesn't have an athletic department. Which ours doesn't. :o)

The Warrior is playing baseball and my Knight is coaching his team. It's such a blessing to see my Warrior and my Knight working together. You can see the respect in my Warrior's eyes when "The Coach" is talking to him. He really does look up to him, as it should be. My Knight is such a good role model.

My Knight is officially on vacation! YEAH!!!! That means he'll be home 24/7 with us. YEAH!!! I'm looking forward to having some one on one time with him. :o)

Well, that's all I can share right now. I have to get going. Come back cause I have LOTS of pictures and LOTS to share about two of my Fair Maiden's trip to Panama. You'll want to read about that.

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