Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Baby Girl Is Now... 20!

Today twenty years ago, my first Fair Maiden was born. I can remember it as it was just yesterday. They've all heard me say it, a thousand times over. Right there still on the delivery bed, my legs strapped to a medieval device (PRAISE THE LORD they no longer do this), with my Fair Maiden laying on my chest, I looked over at my Knight and I said, "Let's have another one."

I have to honestly say that when I think of my children, I'm overwhelmed and speechless. I'm shedding tears as I sit here and share about Soaring Amongst The Clouds. She is every mother's dream come true.

Let me share why I named her Soaring Amongst The Clouds. She is a dreamer, but also a doer.
She's a romantic by heart. She likes to cook and enjoys trying out new recipes. She's not easy swayed, she'll stand firm for what she believes. She's a thrill seeker and an adventurer. She loves to travel and read about different places. She has a passion for reading. She loves all sort of sports. She could sit and watch football or baseball all day with her dad and brothers. She has a gentle heart and has the gift of mercy. When she's nervous she laughs. Which means, if she sees someone get hurt, chances are she just might giggle. But that's just her way of dealing with it. Her heart melts at the sight of children. She'll want to hold them or just sit and watch them. Her hearts desire it to be a wife and a mom. She's a girl after my own heart.

Good thing she was born in October, cause her favorite season is fall. Which is why her sisters decorated her cake with orange. We are all laughing because there are twenty candles. Well, what happens when you blow out twenty candles? You get LOTS of smoke! LOL! This was her reaction to the smoke.

This is the birthday card her siblings got for her. At first gland you would think this is how the card was made. But if you look closely, her siblings added to the word, "to Thee!" Our Fair Maidens are quite the expert on making, picking out and adding to cards. I really liked this one because there are two girls and two boys on the outside of the card. Soaring Amongst The Clouds has two sisters and two brothers. The card was perfect. The inside of the card was blank. Here's what they wrote: "Keepin' it real with the KJV (KJV in old English style)!! Hope thy (thy in old English style) Birthday is Magnificent (old English style)! We love you!

This gift was from her siblings. She loves what Still Waters and Daughter of the King call "hellish" music... that would be Country Music. LOL! Soaring Amongst The Clouds and I have similar taste in music.

They left the price on just in case she preferred a different cd. But hey, who isn't a Brad Paisley fan? Don't answer that, I don't want to know. LOL! UPDATE: we all really enjoyed listening to this cd. If you ever get a chance, check it out.

If you noticed on previous pictures, Soaring Amongst The Clouds is wearing a t-shirt that says, "Ireland". Well that's because she is fascinated with Ireland. She hopes to one day travel there. She saw this mug a few months ago and loved it. So, mom that I am, I went back and bought it when she wasn't with me. It's a little hard to see, but it has a shamrock and it says, "Life is good". Which happens to be my motto. :o) Aside from these gifts, she also got a book of the writing of Jose Marti. He was a Cuban poet and writer. She's been wanting to read up on him.
She also got a laptop computer, but it was given to her last month so she could use it for her classes.

Bigote and Sabimbi (my dad and mom) came late Friday night and left early Sunday. They came to help celebrate Soaring Amongst The Clouds' birthday. I took some pictures, but they didn't turn out. I should of checked them first, but we were all having fun taking pictures. Now I know, to check. :o( We had two cakes. They bought one at the local supermarket and the Fair Maidens had baked one too. I know that one would think, "Wow, cake for a whole week!" Ah.... no, not in this household. Cake lasted only three days. LOL!

Baby Girl,
My prayer for you is that you continue the course due north. May the best of your past, be the worst of your future. Remember that after the rain, there is always a rainbow and clouds have a silver lining. How blessed I am that God chose me to be your mom. My life is richer because of you.
I love you...

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