Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In Honor Of My Knight...

Forty four years ago today, my Knight in shining armor was born. I'm blessed to be his Lady. In his honor, I wrote a special entry at A Knight's Lady.

Like every day, we spent the day doing school work and at the baseball fields. We had a late lunch. It's a tradition around our castle that the birthday person gets to choose what they want to eat for lunch and dinner. So we had Chinese take out for lunch. Then it was off to the fields. G.I. Joe had a game. My Babe had to ump the game. Well not only that, but he had to ump the home plate. At least I had a good view. ;o) Oh, we had burgers for dinner.

His mom, Abuela Hilda had come up for our great nephew's christening. So she decided to stay with us for a couple of days. I take her back to my Babe's sister's home this Friday. Then she'll be going back to her home next week.

Daughter of the King baked his birthday cake. Still Waters decorated it. All this was done while we were at the game. We ended up eating birthday cake at 11p. It was a late night. He opened presents while we all ate cake.

The girls got together and bought their dad an RCI Certificate. He gets to pick a place to vacation for one week. The room and board is paid for. All he has to do is decide where to go and how to get there. There is no need for me say this, but I'm going to any way. No, he won't be vacationing alone. :o) He's not sure if he wants the whole family to go or just the two of us. Just wanted to clarify that.

The boys got him the video games: NCAA 07 Football and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Lockdown. Guess who got which game? Yep, G.I. Joe got him the football game and The Warrior got him Rainbow Six. They are true to their character. They can't wait to play with him.

My Babe and his mom, Hilda. I was THRILLED to have been able to get this shot, she doesn't like to smile for the camera. Throughout the year, I thank her for having such a wonderful son. But on his birthday, I specially make it a point thank her.

My Knight and his Lady. I love to see him in his ump uniform. He makes the uniform look good.
I've heard some of the other baseball moms make comments about him. They know he doesn't have wondering eyes. I'm blessed. Oh, can't really share what I got him for his birthday, but enough to say he was very pleased.

My Knight and his Fair Maidens. One of my prayers for them is, that God bless them with a husband who has character like their dad.

My Knight and his Squires. They are Knights in training. He is setting such a good example. One of my prayer is that they grow up to be like their dad.

My Knight and his five blessings. My prayer is that they live the fairy tale life that their dad and mom have been blessed to live.

Dreams do come true...


Bellezza said...

Oh, Lady G, what a beautiful family you have! I love how you refer to your husband and your home as Knight and castle...and your daughters as princesses. Surely that gives everything the honor it deserves. No wonder he's so happy with you, you seem like such a fantastic wife. Celebrating with the whole family is the best, isn't it? Plus, chocolate cake is the ONLY cake to have for one's birthday. (If it isn't chocolate inside, it at least has chocolate frosting!) Happy Birthday to your Knight.

Lady G~ said...

Oh no my dear, I fall short. But I strive to be what woman God wants me to be.

My Knight loves chocolate. His very favorite is german chocolate cake, but we weren't able to make that for him this time around. So we did his second favorite, dark chocolate cake. It was a big hit.

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

What gorgeous pictures! I wish you'd also been in the one with your family. Happy birthday to your dear hubby.

Bellezza said...

Lady G~, I love chocolate cake so much I even had a chocolate wedding cake. With chocolate frosting. It was weird, but wonderful. :)