Tuesday, April 17, 2007

At A Loss For Words

This morning like every morning, my boys were watching Sponge Bob. Once I get up, the channel gets switched to Fox News. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A student at Virginia Tech gunned down other students and professors.

My heart grieves for all who attend Virginia Tech and their families. I don't know anyone who attends that school. We don't even live close to that state. Yet, I feel numb. I'm in disbelief. My heart aches for all those left behind. They won't get to hear their loved ones voice. They won't get to feel their hugs. Young lives cut short. How could something like this happen? What makes a person do such a thing? How could or what could bring a person to inflict pain or kill someone?

My mind is spinning. My heart aches. There is so much pain in this world. So many are hurting. Yet we are all so busy, with our every day things. We go on with our day. I wanted to stay and continue to watch the news, but I couldn't. Had to take my children to bible study. Had to take care of wee ones, while their mom's were at their bible study. From there off to take Daughter of the King to the sign language class she teaches. Then off to run some errands. Time to get dinner going. Time for baseball game. During all this, the thought is still there, " how can I keep going on as if nothing has happened?"

What keeps me going is God's Word. His promises. I find peace, love and comfort there. What scriptures do you find comfort in? Which ones give you hope?


Emily said...

Our hearts our heavy here too. It seems so unbelievable that this has happened!

Lady G~ said...

It's too surreal. Still at a loss for words.