Sunday, April 29, 2007

G.I.Joe's 13th Birthday Outing

My G.I. Joe's birthday is on March 9th. Right when baseball season is in full swing. Which means that just about every day of the week we are busy with a baseball game or practice. I can't even remember the last time he had a birthday party.

For his 13th birthday we decided to take him and three baseball buddies to Disney. Since my Knight doesn't have to teach the High School Boy's Sunday School Class the last Sunday of the month, that's when we planned we'd have his special event. My Knight took G.I. Joe, #99, #5 & #00 to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom.

They all had a wonderful time. First stop was Animal Kingdom. They quickly went to get a fast pass for the Expedition Everest ride. From there they went on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride. I was told that #00 (who goes hunting with his dad ALL the time) spotted all the animals. Even the ones that everyone else was having trouble spotting. Next was the Kali River Rapids. Where the only one that didn't get wet was my Knight. Then they were off the the Expedition Everest ride. Except when the got there, it was temporarily down. :o( So they didn't get to ride it.

I had ordered three ham and cheese meal wheels for their lunch. We had packed a cooler with ice and drinks. Oh, and plenty of water. I also had also bought some chips. #00's mom had gotten some donuts for them too. They had lunch at the Animal Kingdom's parking lot, before the hopped over to the Magic Kingdom.

Then it was off to the Magic Kingdom. They got to do all the "fun" rides. Which included all the "mountain" rides. They even had a great fun waiting in line. They would "hi five" anyone that was willing to "hi five" them. At first #99 had a hard time. He was wearing his Yankee cap. One he turned it around, he got plenty of " hi five's". I gave him a hard time about that. I told him he had "denied" his team. LOL!

They left the park around 7p. My Knight decided to call it a night, he was nursing quite a headache. I had pizza and cake waiting for them. We had a great time sitting around the table and talking about their day. Sounds like the had a wonderful time.

My Knight later shared with me that G.I Joe's friends were a great group of kids. They had clean fun. Since they had had a good attitude while waiting in line, their smiles were contagious. It help brighten other people's day. G.I. Joe sure knows how to pick his friends. I'm so proud of him.

Here's #99, #00, #5 and G.I.Joe. This was taken right before they left for the parks. They don't look it, but they were all sleepy eyed right before I took this. They saw the camera and perked up. I told them to get closer together and they all said, that's as close as they were going to get. Boys, they are so different! Praise the Lord for that!

Behind them is the Tree of Life. This was taken at the Animal Kingdom.

Giving people "hi fives" at they were waiting in line. Notice #99... his cap is on backwards.

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