Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Outside/ Inside

There is more to this entry. It's not just about my crocs and Life Is Good clothing. Stick with me and you'll see what I mean.

I've discovered Crocs. I LOVE these shoes. They don't even feel like shoes. It's like walking barefoot, but something comfy on your foot.

They have a few styles to chose from. I bought a pair called "scutes". I bought it in black. They even sell these little accessories to put in the little holes. So I bought the following little accessories, two baseballs, two American flags and two hearts. I think I might go back and get some letters. I might spell out, "His Lady".

I also bought a pair of "all terrain" in chocolate/choco. I have poor circulation in my extremities. I figured that these shoes would help my feet keep warm and dry. Sure enough. Well, I know it's not that cold here, but I'm always cold. :o)

Being that I was in the area of where I got my "Life Is Good" shirt, I stopped to take a peek. I found another short sleeved t-shirt. It's also brown, but it's got three daisies in the front in different colors. So yep, I bought it. Can't wait to wear it with a long white sleeved shirt underneath. Boy do I love comfy clothes!

Ok, all I wrote about was clothing. What I like to wear, but as I sat here typing, some thoughts started to run through my mind, "You are focusing on what you are wearing on the outside. Things you are putting on and taking off. What am I putting on and taking off?" WOW! I was no longer thinking about clothing, I was thinking about putting off my "old ways" and putting on my "new ways".

A book I read came to mind, The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. I can't even begin to share how this book helped me to grown. How it helped me to see things clearly. The part that came to mind was where Martha Peace talks about putting on what's Godly and take off what's worldly.

I know this doesn't really have to do with clothing. This is just how my mind works. One thought leads to another, then another and so on. I often go from one subject to another, but somehow it all ties in. I know it's funky, but that's me. My poor family is use to it.

Back to the book. It's a bible study. This is what the books says. It's purpose is to teach Christians how to deal practically with their sin. May times we know that we need to make some changes in ourselves and in our lives. We confess it to God, but then we find ourselves committing the same sins again and again. Habitual sin is especially difficult, because we automatically respond wrongly, without a thought. That's why it's important to learn exactly what God has to teach us through His Word about establishing new habit patterns.

Now I'm talking about Chapter Three. This chapter talks about understanding sin, how to deal with the consequences of former sin, deal with present sin and the process of diligence. It talked about "putting off" character deficiencies: lying, anger, wrath, stealing, gossip, bitterness, worldly ideas...attitudes... prejudice, ungratefulness, malice,strife, envy, lewdness and lust. To "put on" character qualities like: truth, forgiveness, giving, good work ethics, gentleness, self control, kindness, tenderheartedness, thankfulness, speak good words... edify, show mercy, humility, meekness and love. Finally to put on Christ.

I know that I will never be perfect. Only when God calls me home to be with him. I can strive to be what He wants me to be. It's no easy to put off and put on. I'm a work in progress. There are things that I do that help me. I pray daily. I read His Word. Not only do I read His Word, but I think about it throughout my day. I try to be aware of things that would tempt me to sin. Blaming something or someone is wrong. Nothing causes me to sin, ultimately it's my choice.

This was a hard chapter for me. To tell the truth, this was a hard study for me period! I would read it bits at a time. Then I'd have to put it away and let stuff sink in. It took me a while to finish this study, but it was well worth it. I grew as a Christian, wife, mom... as a woman. I plan on getting each of my daughters this book when they marry. Maybe I should get it when they get engaged?

All in all, this has been my favorite bible study. It's the type of book/study that I can read over and over. Each time I read it, I learn something new.

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