Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Life Is Good

I went went shopping at my favorite little downtown. They have the best little shops. I was looking for a particular gift. Can't say what it is, cause my Girls will be reading this. ;o) I didn't find what I was looking for. BUT, I did find something else.

Life Is Good has been my motto for quite some time. I help teach High School Girl's Sunday School. Like I've said before, teaching is not my gift, but I help chase the rabbits. ;o) Whenever we take prayer request, every one shares what they want or need prayer for. When it's my turn, I share too. But most of the time I say that, "Life Is Good". So, that's what's written by my name on the board, "Mrs.G~ Life Is Good!"

So, back to walking in the stores in downtown. I walked into this one store, which has been there, like FOREVER, but I had never gone in it. Wouldn't you know that they have a clothing line called, Life Is Good. YEP, that's right. Now, why didn't "I" think of using my motto as a way of making some money? Oh well, c'est la vie! Needless to say, I wanted to get just about EVERYTHING in that store! But I controlled myself. Thank you Lord! Cause I could of done some major damage. I just kept thinking, "You really don't need this, this is a want." I had a weak moment and I bought a long sleeve shirt. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
So here I am sporting my new shirt. I love their whole line. I've gotten to the point where comfort means more to me than what's in fashion. I've never really been one to wear what's fashionable any way. I like what I like and I wear it whether it's "in" or not.
I know that at times it might seem like things are going wrong. That nothing is going our way. God allows things to happen for a reason. So... Life Is Good, because God Is Good... ALL the time! Keep that in mind. ;o)


Emily said...

Love your new shirt! It looks very comfy!

Lady G~ said...

I'm all about comfort now. LOL! I mostly wear jeans. When we go out it's always to casual places. So, I've decided to invest in good quality comfy clothes. :o)

I'm dying to get me a pair of Croc shoes. Maybe I'll get a pair for Christmas. I could always hope. :o)