Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wild Bill Stanton Watching Your Back

Two nights ago I watched a program that left me feeling lots of different emotions. It left me upset, sad, dishearten, in disbelief and speechless. The program was on NBC. The program was called Wild Bill Stanton Watching Your Back.

If you go to the link above, you can see some of the segments that he's done. Monday night 4 segments were shown. Two of them aren't online yet, I will be sure to write an update once a link is provided. But the other two I saw were Balloons and Puppy Test Kids and the Wild Bill Graffiti Artist. Please bare through the "commercial", it's worth it. The other segments were on pickpockets and do men step up when they see/hear about a man put the date rape drug in a woman's drink.

Basically two of the segments were about, "would you step up?". My Knight and I watched the program. I was so enraged about what I was seeing, that I didn't even think to tape the program. I would of LOVED for my children to see it and would of shared it with my friends. The next day I even thought, had I taped it, I could of shared it with our youth, and the college/career at church. URGH!!!

Segment one was about pick pockets. They showed how easy it was to pick a pocket or purse. Purses that are open or don't have a zipper closer are the easiest to "pick" out of. Men who keep their wallet in their back pocket are easy preys also. The man who was the "pick pocket" demonstrated just how easy it was. Over and over again, he picked the wallet from men and they didn't even "feel" it. The "pick pocket" even stole a tie, that was tied around a guys neck. The "victim" didn't even realize it until he was complimented on his tie. A pair of sunglasses, that were hooked on the "victims" t-shirt were taken without him noticing it. They showed how a pick pocket works with an accomplice or two. One distracts the victim, the second one does the "picking" and passes the item to the third accomplice. They showed how easy it was for a purse to be stolen while it's hanging from a chair. The "picker" passed by the chair, while hold a sweatshirt, coat or jacket, he would get the purse and conceal it in the garment he's holding. No one can "see" he has the purse. I know that I try to be careful about where I hang my purse, but I found this program to be very informative and eye opening.

Segment two dealt with the issue of graffiti. Would someone step up and stop or report someone that's painting graffiti on a wall. The graffiti was written in a high traffic public place. Of course the local authorities knew this was being done for a program. You wouldn't believe the number of people who walked or drove by and didn't say or do anything. One man walked by taking on his cell phone. Wild Bill kept on spraying, but asked him, "Are you calling the cops?" The guy said no and kept on walking. None of the store workers in the are called the authorities. Two teenagers came up to him and told him he was doing it wrong. And proceeded to instruct him on how to do it. They never touched the can, they just verbally told him what to do. One lady told him he shouldn't be doing that. That it's against the law. Another lady, walked right up to him and started bagging up the spray can, to take them away from him. Later on they talked to both ladies. The one that had dared to walk up to him was told that she should never do that. But to call the police. She herself could of gotten hurt. I wash shocked that no one called the police. We know this because the police said that no calls were received. AMAZING!

Oh what was he spray painting on the wall?... "Why don't you stop me?"

The last segment is the one that shocked me the most. It was in two parts. Part one dealt with how many ladies would accept a drink from a complete strange when they are in a bar or our dancing. Wild Bill marked all the glasses with invisible ink. The purpose of this was to show that a drink could of been laced with the date rape drug and the ladies wouldn't of known about it. None of the ladies he approached declined the drink. He later went back and talked to them about it. Some said that they accepted because they were there with their girlfriends and they wouldn't let anything happen to them. The problem was, that the girl friends had ALSO accepted the drink. What do you do then? Part two dealt with, how many guys would step up and stop him from lacing a drink with the date rape drug and giving it to a lady. THIS ONE MADE ME CRY! Wild Bill was at the bar and started talking with a man at the bar. The man in the bar did not know that, the woman Wild Bill was talking about was in on it too. He was telling the man that he was going to lace the drink. The man told him he shouldn't do that. But they kept talking. He pretended to lace it and took the drink over to the lady. After a while, they headed out the door. Half an hour later Wild Bill was back in the bar without her. The man came up to him and asked what happened. He just laughed and said she was outside under the bridge "sleeping it off". The man said, "She shouldn't be out there alone, tell me where she is." Then proceeded to saying that, "He didn't mind sloppy seconds." MY MOUTH DROPPED! Wild Bill then went to a different place and struck up a conversation with two college guys. He did the same thing. But before he laces the drink, the two college guys went to get two more of their buddies. They were all saying how they had always wanted to do that but didn't even know where to get the stuff. Wild Bill gave the drink to the lady and after a while left. When he came back, the two guys saw him and walked up to him. They asked how it had gone. They also asked where they could get some of that stuff. Wild Bill asked them for their numbers and told them he'd call them. Two of the numbers were bogus, but two weren't. When he talked to them on the phone and told them what he was really doing, they said that they really weren't going to do that. They were just playing along with him. YEAH RIGHT!

The last segment is the one that REALLY got to me. These men, knew what Wild Bill was going to do and did absolutely NOTHING about it. No one stepped up. How can they allow that to happen? I just don't understand. I couldn't help but cry. It broke my heart to think that, these are our future leaders. Men who won't stand up for what's right. Men who won't look out for women who are being taken advantage of. My heart is heavy...

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