Saturday, September 08, 2007

The "O" Family

I was looking through all my old entries and noticed, that I hadn't written about my Knight's side of the family. We don't often get to see them, even though they only live about 30 minutes away. They all lead a very busy life.

My Knight was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. His mom loves to tell the story of how she prayed every day that he would look like a little boy she had seen on a calendar. When my Knight was born, she says her prayers had been answered. He had the bluest eyes she had ever seen. He is the youngest of two. His sister is 7 years his senior. When he was 4 yrs. old they moved down to Florida. Which is where we met. He married His Lady G at the age of 19.

His dad, The Chef was one out of five brothers. The Chef's parents died when he was young. He was the youngest brother. He was sent to live with a distant family member. He was born and raised in Cuba. He was only able to get an elementary education. He had to go to work at a young age. He came to the United State with his wife and young daughter, in search of freedom and a better way of life. They settled in Jersey City, New Jersey. He worked hard in order to provide for his family. He was as a waiter in a well known hotel in New York. I'm sorry to say, that I can't remember which one. He instilled good work ethics in his children. He didn't believe in making any purchases unless he had the cash for it. So if they couldn't afford it, he would save until they could, or he wouldn't buy it. Now a days that's unheard of. He always enjoyed cooking. When they moved down to Florida, he took two jobs. When The Seamstress would get home from work, he would have dinner ready. The family would eat together and then he would go off to work. He passed away at the age of 70.

His mom, The Seamstress was the youngest out of five sisters and two brothers. She was also born and raised in Cuba. Her mom died when she was very young. As a youngster, she was given the choice of working the farm or learn to sew and be indoors. She chose to learn to sew. She didn't like the outdoors. When they settled in New Jersey, she worked in what now a days we would call a "sweat shop". The owners quickly realized how talented she was. They would take the Seamstress to New York and have her sketch and design outfits. Now at the age of 80, she still enjoys sewing.

I'll call his sister, The Matriarch, because she is. She is the leader of her family. She was born in Cuban. Once she came to the states (she was 3 yrs old) she wanted to change her name, because now, she was an American. She wanted an American name. She graduated salutatorian of her school. She was offered a scholarship to a very prestigious university. Her dream was to be a doctor, but became a CPA. She got married right out of high school. She was a 17 yr.s old bride. Through the years she has held several jobs. She was a CPA for a couple of years, a French teacher at a high school, worked for Merrill Lynch and then decided to be a stay at home mom for a while. Once her children were a little older, she went back to school, Nursing school that is. While in school she toyed with the idea of becoming a midwife. She decided against it and became a labor and delivery nurse instead. She loved being a nurse and she was very good at it. I've always thought of her as Super Woman. She's done it all. She is married to...

The Fortune-Hunter, I named him this because he is always trying to look for a way (ALWAYS legally) to better his life and his beloved families life. He was the typical All American- Apple Pie kind of guy. He was always into sports. He met his lovely wife while in high school. So they were high school sweethearts. His senior year his family moved to North Carolina, but he couldn't leave his true love. So he stayed behind, graduated and waited for his love to graduate. He is three years older than his beloved. He went to a prestigious University and got a business degree. He also went got into his family business, which is a paper die cutting business. He also played semi pro football and was an avid soccer player. The Fortune-Hunter and The Matriarch make a beautiful couple, not just because they look good together but because get along so well. He is a blond, blue-eyed, 6'4" handsome man and she is a dark eyed, dark hair, 5'2" Spanish beauty. They were blessed with three boys.

The Constable is the oldest of the three. He is a realist and the most serious of them all. There is no sugar coating with him. He knows what he believes and no one can change his mind. He graduated top of his class in Law, at the University and went into Law Enforcement. He has moved up the ranks and has surprised those in charge. He is now a Lieutenant and a District Commander in the Sheriff Department. He is only 30 years young. He's a fine young man and a good role model. Just recently he got his real estate license. He's got a bright future ahead of him. He is married to...

La Madre, I love this girl! She is the real deal. She of Italian decent and she fits right in with the family. She's sweet, smart and feisty. They met while they were attending the University. I wish I could say I remember what she studied, but I don't remember. Most important (in my eyes) is that she became a mommy this year...

Scooter was born earlier this year. I'll call him the Scooter for now cause he scoots all around. No characteristics yet other than, cutie, cuddly, smiley, adorable, cherub and so on. He's brought much joy and happiness along with him.

The Jester is the second born. You are guaranteed to laugh until you cry, when he's around. It is non stop. He's done all sorts of sports. He even did a triathlon when he was only 10 years old. He played high school football and was on the crew team. While in high school some of his "cheer leading" girlfriends talked him into trying out cheer leading. You see he was a tall muscular guy. He figured, "hey, I can either get hit and get the girls or not get hit and get to toss and hold the girls!" And that he did. He did it so well, that he got a scholarship to a well known University. A University that has always been a family rival to us. YUCK! Right now he is busy being a being an entrepreneur.

The Charmer is the youngest and the carefree one. Like his brothers he loves sports. He played baseball all through school and while he attended the University. He is a sweet talker. This one can get away with anything. He loves life and likes to have fun. He's also very tender hearted. His smile and charm gets to you.

I mentioned before that we don't get to see each other often. My nephews are much older than our children. They are busy working and just with life in general. It's hard to coordinate gatherings. When we do get to fellowship, it's wonderful. We have a great time "catching up" and there is always lots of laughter. We are looking forward to a new beginning now that all the cousins are a little older and they all drive. Thank you Lord for fresh starts.

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