Thursday, August 23, 2007

Watch Out "LS"!

Today was Soaring Amongst The Clouds' first day back at "LS". She is thrilled beyond words that she got the schedule she wanted. She's already pointed out that she only has 18 Tuesday's to go. LOL!

She managed to schedule all her classes for Tuesday and Thursday. She'll be able to continue playing on the co-ed softball team, since their games are on Tuesday nights. BUT, she's going to have to give up playing on the women's softball team this semester. Their games are on Thursday nights and she has a night class. All in all, she is very pleased that she only has two days of school. That will free her up to do some volunteer work she wanted to do and have those other three days to study and do homework.

This semester she is taking, Humanities, Intro to Life Science, Intro to Education, Liberal Arts Math II and Intro to Psychology. All these are required for what she plans on studying. She's focusing on being an Interpreter. She would like to master the Spanish (Spain) and Chinese languages. But she is also working on a teaching degree. I know she can do it. My Soaring Amongst The Clouds is a dreamer, but most important... she's also a doer. :o)

She plans on helping out Mrs. B with her 1st grade class. She did that while she homeschooled and really loved it. Mrs. B is really easy to work with. She loves the children and it shows. I know Soaring Amongst The Clouds is going to enjoy working with her again.

I tried to get a picture of her before she left for school. As soon as she saw me reach for the camera, she gave me "the look". So, I never even got to lay hands on my camera. Oh well, I'll have to get a candid shot sometime. Gone are the times when my children were wee ones and actually "posed" for the pictures.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I drop by only occasionally, but I am amazed at the pseudonyms you have given your children. By the names you call them in your blog,I can tell that your children are more precious to you than life itself.

Be blessed.

Lady G~ said...

Thanks for dropping by. My children are precious to me. I feel so blessed and honored, that God entrusted them to my Knight and I.

As for the pseudonyms, I picked them according to how I see the person. My Knight didn't want me to use real names for privacy reasons. So everyone that I write about gets a their own special name. No two are alike. When you have a chance check my other entries. You'll see what I mean. :o)

Oh and I have a blog that is dedicated to my Knight. You are welcome to stop by and visit that one too.