Friday, August 10, 2007

Preparing Him For The Other Woman

Yesterday, I was patiently waiting in the deli for my number to be called. They "conveniently" had a revolving book rack under the number dispenser. The title of a book caught my eye. The book was called, Preparing Him For The Other Woman- A Mother's Guide to Raising Her Son to Love a Wife and Lead a Family. I thought, "Hmmmm, sounds interesting."

I flipped through it and I was hooked. Needles to say, I put in my cart and after I got my "deli" items, went straight to the check out. I couldn't wait to start reading this new little "gem" of mine. Why hadn't I seen this book before?

I'm only chapter 2, but boy is it hitting home. What I found very interesting is that she shared a realization that sounds very much like one I had many years ago. When my Warrior was younger he told me, that when he grew up, he wanted to marry me. I kissed him and told him that mommies can't marry their sons. I told him that God had created a very special girl just for him. But I realized, that I was the first woman in his life, to love him and show him how to love.

What an AWESOME responsibility we have been given. As a mom to two Squires, who better than me can teach them to appreciate a woman and how to express their love. Help them to see why it's important to honor and respect women, to teach him to wait for the one that God created for him.

I know it's not ALL up to me. My Knight ALSO has and AWESOME responsibilities. Who better than their dad can teach our Squires how to be the man God wants them to be, NOT the man mom and dad want them to be. Who better can teach them to be a godly man, leader, a hero, a man of his word?

It's not my Knight's and I doing's. It's all God's doings'. We are merely trying to do what He is leading us to do.

For moms that are expecting baby boys, I usually give them a couple of books, to start off their "library". The books are: Love You Forever, The Runaway Bunny ,Guess How Much I Love You and I Promise I'll Find You. Preparing Him For The Other Woman will be added to my future baby shower gifts.

I look forward to finishing this book. I plan on passing it along to my Fair Maidens... when the times comes. Maybe I should just get them each their own copy or would it mean more if it's the same copy "mom" read? Hmmm...


Bellezza said...

It's funny how we leave Runaway Bunny for a book such as the one you describe. What is that about, how we're supposed to take care of all their needs one minute, and the next let them go completely?! I think I need this book more than you do. Even if I don't read it, my son is teaching me how to let him go with his own strivings for independence. It's good for both of us.

The Atavist said...

Your children can't help but turn out "right." Your thoughtfulness and attention to what is important in their lives will see to that.

Lady G~ said...

Belleza- Even at the age my boys are, once in a blue moon, they allow me to read the Runaway Bunny, Love you Forever or I Promise I'll Find You. They'll even come and sit if my Fair Maidens or I are reading it to the little ones we sometimes babysit. Letting go is hard, but it's what we are parents are preparing them for. I love having my chicks with me. But I'm also looking forward to watching them grow up to be the men and women God wants them to be.

Atavist- I wish I could believe that. Try as we might to do all we think is "right", in the end, the choice is up to them.