Friday, July 13, 2007

New Hairdo!

Still Waters decided to get her hair trimmed. So I scheduled an appointment. She tends to keep her hair loooooong. When I say trim, I mean like 1-2 inches cut off.

I had scheduled her appointment for Thursday, which I had forgotten is quilting day. Still Waters and Daughter of the King, help out in the quilting ministry. All the quilts that are made are sent to orphans all over the world. It's a wonderful ministry. Well, after lunch they were going to set all the quilts that were made, to display them and pray over them this coming Sunday. So, Still Waters ended up rescheduling her appointment for today. Little did I know she had a surprise in store for me. :o)

I think long hair is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. It's so feminine and flowy (I know it's not a word, but I like how it sounds). All my Fair Maidens look beautiful with long or short hair. But I've been after my Still Waters to "try" a new cut for YEARS!

Well, she did it. She looks absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!! She had 15" cut off! She donated her cut off hair to Locks of Love. Her new hairdo fits her to a "T"! She looks like an anime character. Which is pretty incredible considering that she's studying computer animation. She loves to draw. Anime characters are her favorites.

I had a hard time getting these pictures of her. She (like the rest of my beloved children) are uncooperative when it comes to picture taking time. They tell me that they don't like to "pose" for pictures. Well, if I had a $1000+ camera it would take the picture when I click it. URGH!!! But I'm pleased with the "few" shots I got. Thanks for your patience Baby Girl. I know that it took "A LOT" out of you.


Bellezza said...
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Bellezza said...

She is very beautiful! I like long hair too, it's so feminine (and even Biblical!). But, mine is very thick and very curly and it became too much effort to prepare before work every morning. So, now it's a bit above shoulder length. I do miss the braids I was able to put in, and French twists and whatnot. Plus, I think flowy is a word; I know what you mean! Is yours the same length as your daughter's? If I remember properly from past pictures it looks longer.