Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Organizer

While Soaring Amongst The Clouds and I were running around getting much needed supplies for my Warrior, the rest of my children were home. Daughter of the King was cleaning the pool pump. She's been diligent with trying to keep the pool in swimming conditions. She also ironed some of my Knight's work shirts. G.I. Joe was doing his school work. The Warrior was resting on the couch. Still Waters was busy. What was she busy with... organizing my pantry. Did I ask her to do this? No, she noticed it needed to be done and did it.

Being that we are a, ah... larger family, our children take turns with house chores, kitchen duty and with pool/outside maintenance. When you have kitchen duty, you are in charge of everything in the kitchen. You are the one that plans the menu, does the grocery list, helps do the grocery shopping, do the cooking and keep the kitchen clean. The pantry is a "high traffic" area. It's not easy to keep it in order.

For now, only the girls have kitchen duty. The boys help at times, but for the most part the girls are in charge of the kitchen. Oh, the boys are in charge of vacuuming the kitchen though. This is Still Water's week to have kitchen duty. She has wonderful organization skills. So while I was gone, she took it upon herself to organize the pantry. It needed it.

Here's the end result. You see, being OCD "can" be a good thing. Just joking Baby Girl! You did a PHENOMENAL job! You ROCK! Now we can find the twinkies at a glance. ;o)

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frannie said...

very nicely organized! and what a sweet girl to do it without being asked.

she must have a good mom! :)\

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