Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Annual Disney World Family Trip

I have to say, I honestly can't remember EVER getting to Disney before the gates opened. But this was a first! LOL! All the dwellers of the Castello went. We also invited 7 friends to come along for the fun. We had a great time!

While we waited for the gates to open, the crowd sang Christmas songs led by cast members. Cast Members are the employees that work at Walt Disney. Our wait time was less than 20 minutes, so it wasn't too bad at all. :o)

We were entertained by the younger ones playing with the hula hoops provided by Disney. Superstar is the one wearing the gray, GAP sweatshirt. Giggles is the one wearing the Cubs sweatshirt. Let me explain how they came by these pseudonyms. Superstar is quite the baseball player. Giggles, really enjoyed the Muppet 3-D movie at Hollywood Studios. I mean, he REALLY enjoyed it. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was really taken with the 3-D effect. It was priceless.

This is their sister, Dee. I'm having trouble coming up with a name for her. So we'll go with Dee for now. She was getting into the fun too.

Of course the first thing we went to ride was Space Mountain. But I have no pictures of that. While the older ones rode the roller coaster, Superstar and his mom, Lady D rode the Buzz Lightyear ride. Once we were done with Space Mountain, everyone rode Buzz Lightyear too. Yep, Superstar and Lady D rode it again. :o) From there, we were off to...

... the Race Track! Oh, this was the first time Superstar had been to Disney World. Can you see the joy in his face?! :o)

Dr. J (basketball is his sport) is the eldest of the four sibblings. He and G.I. Joe are the same age. They play basketball for the same school. He's a nice young man. I'm glad he and G.I. Joe are friends.

I'm so glad I got a picture of Dee smiling. Turns out she didn't want to go to Disney World. She wanted to go to school. She's a little social butterfly and wanted to be with her friends. Well, she ended up having a great time anyways. :o) How can you not?! After all, it's Disney World... The Happy Place! :o)

This is Giggles first time at the wheel. He LOVED it! LOL! I'm sure he can't wait until he's 15. But he's got a ways to go.

Gent that he is, JC let Soaring Amongst The Clouds drive. Oh, did I mention how cold it was? Well, it was in the low 40's. The sun didn't come out until almost lunch time. Wind was blowing too. So to us native Floridians.... it was FREEZING!!!

Steps was a gent too and let Daughter of the King drive too. Isn't that so sweet. :o)

I'm sure G.I. Joe can't wait until he's REALLY behind the wheels. Wish I could say it'll be a while. He turns 15 next year! YIKES!!! Be still my heart...

Next stop was the Tea Cups. Let me go on record saying, that I LOVE ROLLERCOASTER RIDES and ANYTHING THAT SPINS! But due to my ah... chiari issues, per doctor's orders, I'm not allowed. :o( So, I decided to hurry and take pictures before the ride started...

Four of the Castello dwellers...

Giggles wanted to ride by himself.

I don't think Giggles would of fit here anyway. Good thing he wanted to ride by himself. I took a picture of Soaring Amongst The Clouds, JC, Daughter of the King and Steps, but it didn't turn out. :o(

After the Tea Cups, we headed out to Goofy's Barnyard Ride. That was a big hit too. I went into one of the stores to "thaw out". Brrrr!!!!

It was decided that Splash Mountain was not going to be ridden. I'm sure no explanation is needed. Brrrr..... So we went on to Thunder Mountain.

Can't believe Still Waters got this picture. She turned around while riding, just to get this shot. Not bad! LOL!

I'm so glad this picture turned out. First family picture this year. I really need to take more "family pictures", but it isn't easy!

Group picture! Ok, now everyone smile! Come on now! Help me out... pleeeeease?! Pretty please?!

When we left the Magic Kingdom, we had a compartment on the monorail all to ourselves. Steps decided to lay on the top of the backrest. Once the monorail got going, he fell back. Way to go Steps! Daughter of the King really got a kick out of it. LOL!

By this time is was time for lunch (around 1p). We went to a McDonald's that right on the Disney property. After lunch, Soaring Amongst The Clouds and JC headed back home. JC had to go to work. They also had a viewing to attend after work.

Everyone else went to Hollywood Studios. They all rode, Tower of Terror, Rocking Roller Coaster and Star Tours. We saw the shows The 3-D Muppet Show and Lights, Motor, Action! We walked the entire park. We also saw the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. It was absolutely beautiful! We see it every year and I still find it breathtakingly beautiful!

Well, we practically closed the park down. LOL! We were all very tired puppies. We stopped to eat dinner on the way home. There happen to be a Chick Filet and a Panda Express close by. The few that ordered Chick Filet carried their dinner and ate it at Panda Express. The workers didn't mind since most of us ate Panda Express "cuisine". I had never eaten there. It was pretty good for "express" Chinese food. The serving portions were very big. We even had enough left over for lunch the next day.

We all had a great time. Can't wait for our annual Disney World family trip next year. YEAH!!!

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Tiffany said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I love Disney. We have gone lots over the past two years, we've had passes but they recently expired and we aren't renewing this year. I can't wait to have them again though---maybe next year.