Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Facebook Chat

I'm always logged on to facebook and my instant message account. This morning, my G.I. Joe decided to have some fun with his sisters. So he started having a conversation with them (on facebook chat) pretending to be me. This is what transpired...

G.I. Joe (pretending to be me): I like G.I. Joe the best.

Still Waters: ?
Still Waters: huh?
Still Waters: for what?

G.I. Joe (pretending to be me): 4 being so awesome

Still Waters: what did he do?
Still Waters: G.I. Joe is that you?
Still Waters: you stink

G.I. Joe (pretending to be me): no he doesn't

*At this point The Warrior got into it. He got on Still Waters computer and wrote, "you stink" to G.I. Joe. Then she got back on and said...

Still Waters: i didn't write that
Still Waters: nice try

At the same time he was doing the same thing with Daughter of the King. This is what transpired between them...

G.I. Joe (pretending to be me): i like G.I. Joe the best

Daughter of the King: funny G.I. Joe, I know this isn't mom. go do your school work!

End of conversation. LOL!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my children? Well I do. I love their sense of humor. My cup runneth over...