Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bathing vs Showering

Growing up, I can count in two hands how many times I took baths. No, I wasn't a dirty child. My mom wouldn't hear of it. When I say bath or bathing, I mean in a tub... as in filling the tub up and bathing or soaking in it. :o)

We've been living in our present home for over 8 years. I can honestly say I can count in one hand how many times I've taken a shower. That's because I LOVE to take baths! I love to fill the tub and bathe in it. Now, I don't always "soak" in my tub. I don't always have the time. But even if I don't have the time to soak, I bathe in my tub.

Why do I love to bathe? There are many reasons. It's old fashioned. Bathing in my tub reminds me of days gone by. It makes me feel feminine, womanly. It pampers me. I enjoy trying new scented oils, beads and scented salts. I use many different scents. I'm always trying new ones. My favorite are lavender/vanilla, coconut, jasmine and honey/milk/oatmeal. Mmmmm... talk about relaxation.

Ok, not only do I like to bathe, but I have a candle burning while I bathe. :o) I usually light a while before I bathe. That way the scent is already in the air when I go in there. To tell the truth, I usually have a candle burning in my bathroom throughout the day. Well, for that matter, I have candles burning throughout our home through out the day. Hmmmm... nothing like it. I'll share about candles another day. Lots to share about that too. ;o)

What are your favorite bathing scents?

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