Friday, March 06, 2009

An Attempt To Catch Up!

Lately, things have been non-stop! I don't know what ever gave me the idea that things were going to slow down once I only had 2 to homeschool! LOL! MY WORD!!! I haven't been this busy since my children were wee ones!!!

Let me say this loud and clear, "I am NOT complaining!" I LOVE being a wife and a mom. I LOVE my life. I know that my children will only be with me for a moment in time. The time will come when they will get married and move away. So I am enjoying and making the most of my time with them. :o)

I'm proud to say that Soaring Amongst The Clouds made the President's List once again. In order to be on that list, you have to have a 4.0 average. Way to go Baby Girl!!! Still Waters made the Dean's List. You Go Girl!!! Daughter of the King is really enjoying this semester. She got to take some sign language classes and is LOVING it! She's so good at it.

Baseball season has started... YEAH!!! Which means that softball season has started too... YEAH!!! The Squires are playing in two teams. G.I. Joe is is playing for the Junior Little League and a local private school. The Warrior is playing for the Major Little League and the same local private school as his brother. This is the second time they'll be on the same team. I'm really excited about them playing together again.

The season has started off great. G.I. Joe is playing for the Diamondbacks Junior League. He's been pitching, catching and playing first base. He hasn't been a catcher in years, but he's enjoying it and he's doing great.

G.I. Joe started taking guitar lessons. Actually he got two free lessons from the place we bought his guitar. The instructor was more into jazz and other music that my G.I. Joe was really not into. Well, it turns out that JC has a friend who gives guitar lessons. What's even better is that he comes to our home! Which is AWESOME! The Teacher and G.I. Joe have similar taste in music. Which is working out very well. According to what The Teacher has shared with me, G.I. Joe is blessed with musical talent. He's learning at a quick pace. The Teacher said that he's not had to review anything that he's taught G.I. Joe. He picks it up the moment he's taught. Which is why he's able to learn and move on. He's been taking 1/2 hr. lessons once a week, for one month now. He's really doing a great job. I don't know how he does it, but if he hears something, he is able to "fiddle" with the guitar and come up with what he heard. It amazes me. Way to go... G.I. Joe!

The Warrior is playing for the Dodgers Minor League. He is pitching, playing center field, first base and third base. Guess he's a jack of all trades. He's having a great time. Oh, he was asked if he wanted to play in his brother's team (the private school team). At first he didn't want to play. But sometimes he needs a little nudge. So we nudged. ;o) He is LOVING it! I have NEVER seen him laugh or smile as much as he does when he's around the school team. He's really enjoying it.

My Knight is staying very busy. He is no longer President of the Little League. YEAH!!! It really was a very big commitment. If you know him personally, you know how committed he is when he commits. :o) He's a man of his word. I LOVE that about him! Well, now he's only on the Board of Directors. He's the Information Officer. He keeps the website and all the little league team information up to date. He is also The Warrior's team manager. He's AWESOME at it! Not because he's my man, but he ROCKS!!! He is also on the same softball team as Soaring Amongst The Clouds and Daughter of the King. This is the first time ever father and daughters have been on the same team! I'm so excited and so are they! I use to play with our Fair Maidens, but that was before my brain surgeries. I'm so looking forward to the games!

As for me, well... I'm driving our Squires to and from practices. Trying to keep up with the laundry! Attempting to keep Nicodemus' fluff tumblehair (tumbleweed) from tumbling through our Castello. He's a golden retriever and shed like CRAZY!!! But like I said, before I know it, my babies will be all grown and gone. So I'm making the most of it now. My cup runneth over...

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