Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

I have mixed feelings about Valentine's Day. I love it cause it's a day set aside to show our love to our loved ones. "Ay , there's the rub". We should show our love all the time.

Not a day goes by that I don't show or tell my Babe and children that I love them. They are my world. I hope and pray they know it.

This Valentine's Day was a little, ah... different. Baby Girl 1 and Baby Girl 2 are in college. The rest are still being homeschooled. Usually for Valentine's Day, I would have there Valentine's basket waiting for them (where they sit)at our dinning room table. Once they get their goodies, we'd all have pancake breakfast and hang out together. We usually take this day off from school. We would all have lunch out and have a special dinner. It kind of threw our day of kilter when both of my older girls had classes to attend. Not only that, but Baby Girl 3 goes to church early on Wednesdays to practice with the youth praise & worship group.

We managed to "squeeze" in our Valentine celebration around 3p. Everyone was pleased with their basket of goodies. The boys got the girls a heart shaped container filled with m&m's. They got their daddy the movie, Nacho Libre. LOL! The girls got their daddy a Big chocolate Kiss. It's a tradition. My Babe got them each a bag full of Dove chocolate. How sweet is that! The boys got a pair of shorts and bathing trunks for my Babe and I. The girls got a Vera Bradley purse from both from my Babe and I.

I got my Babe two pairs of slacks and two shirts. I can just see him. He is mighty fine looking no matter what he wears or doesn't wear. :o) He'll make his new clothes look good. I so love my man.

My Babe knows me well. He got me Darryl Worley's new cd, Here and Now and Keni Thomas', Flags Of Our Fathers cd, a"whole" bag of chocolate kisses and recess peanut butter cups. Mmmmmm.... be still my heart.

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