Monday, February 19, 2007

She's Back!

In a home with seven family members, how can it feel empty when only one member is not home? I know this is hard to believe but it's true. Our home felt so empty. Our Baby Girl #3, left Friday for a 4 day (2/16-2/19) ski trip to North Carolina. We all missed her terribly!

She called every day while she was away. It was so good to hear her voice. Words can't express how much I missed her. I was happy for her. I knew she was having a great time. She went with our old church youth group from Trinity. My good friend's son, Steps went along too. No, they are not couple, they are friends. Maybe when they are older their friendship will blossom. He is a mighty fine young Christian man. :o)

We don't believe in dating, we believe in courtship. We believe in going out in groups. When the time come that someone wants to get to know our girls better, they will have to first ask dad's permission. Now this is not permission to date, but permission to get to know each other better. My Babe and I feel strongly that one should not entertain thoughts of exclusive relationships when you aren't even of marrying age. But that's a whole other subject, for another day. :o)

We took this picture right after we loaded up the car with Baby Girl 3 and Steps' belongings. I'm so proud of her. She packed all her things in "one" bag! Dad has done well to teach our children how to pack efficiently. HOOYAH! Jewels and I have gotten to be good friends. I treasure her friendship. * Me in my overalls. I have at least 6 pairs! :o)

On our way to Trinity, we stopped to eat lunch at Wendy's. We ate in the car because we wanted to make sure we would get to church on time. Traffic was a little heavy. But we got there in plenty of time.

This was the ski lodge where they got all their rental gear at. Saturday night due to icy roads and snow, the roads were closed. So they weren't able to go to their hotel. Which means they had to spend the night in the ski lodge. They were not prepared for this overnight stay at the lodge. They were all freezing. This will be a trip she will never forget. She shared that she didn't get to sleep a wink. The thought that they weren't able to get back to their rooms unnerved her.

This picture was taken Saturday (2/17/07) night outside the ski lodge. This was a picnic table on the porch. They were ankle deep in fresh snow.

This is the ski lodge during the day. Notice the icicles on the roof top. In the back ground you can see on of the ski runs. She told me that she didn't go on that one. She felt it was too advanced for her. Maybe next year. :o)

We had a great time listening to all her stories. She really did have a great time. I'm so glad she did. I told her that Baby Boy #5 missed her so much, he would go into her room and just look around. It was so sweet. Fills my heart with joy to know that my children love and miss each other when they aren't together. May it always be so.

{{{{{{{Welcome Back Baby Girl, we missed you!}}}}}}} It's good to have you home again.


JennaG said...

We home-school too--and we are a courtship family, at least, we will be when the time comes. My oldest is nearly 15. Enjoyed your pictures from the ski trip--you have a lovely family! Found you through Carrie's blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the encouraging thoughts!!